The Self-Care Gift Guide That Keeps On Giving Long After The Holidays

After all my complaining about just how hard 2017 has been, it should come as no surprise then, that this year’s holiday gift guide (aka my personal Christmas wish list) is all about self-care. For the ladies in your life that are overdue on that self-loving good stuff, every gift on this list is the kind that gives back — in more ways than one. Because it's no secret that "you can't pour from an empty cup," the specially curated gifts on this list were chosen to help the leading ladies in your life fill up their cups. Therefore, the more you give, the more you get. The holiday season is kind of magical like that, isn't it?

3 Ways To Put Yourself First During The Holidays (Because Sometimes You Just Gotta)

Between shopping for the perfect gift, hitting up all of the local holiday markets, making it to every festive event and all of the imbibings and indulging that accompanies the season, there is certainly no shortage of things to do (and eat), places to go, and people to see. While all of this in conjunction with ceaseless holiday tunes blasting through every speaker everywhere can make for some of the best of times … and some of the worst of times.

A Beginner's Guide To Self-Love For The Self-Loathing

This is for the girls who want to laugh out loud in public places and really mean it, this is for the girls who have grown up in a world that tells them they need to be thinner and taller and quieter and confident and have a big butt and also smile more but not too much and be funny and not give a f**k and never cry but make a sandwich and also that your words don’t matter really.

A Coffee-Lover’s Guide to Keeping Her Pearly Whites Sparkling

I'm proud of my smile. Not just because all my teeth are where they should be, but because there's a rather sordid (oral) history behind it — as far as teeth go. So it should come as no surprise, then, that I take my dental hygiene seriously. That said, I have a 2-a-day coffee habit, love myself an over-poured glass of red wine, and have been known to enjoy the odd skinny ciggy in foreign countries. This leaves me desperately trying to match my YOLO-mentality with an oral regimen my dentist would be proud of.

The Secret to Authentic Positivity: A Beautiful Q&A With Positive Polly

You know when you meet a bright light in the world and their optimism and energy is so magnetic that you need to be friends with them, or follow them on social media, or do everything in your mighty power (outside of stalking) to surround yourself in their good vibes? Well, that’s basically how I would describe my blossoming friendship with miss Positive Polly. She’s Amy to me (because we’re buds, like that), but on Instagram, you will find her posting pithy maxims of positivity under the pseudonym, Positive Polly.

5 Bad Habits to Break Before The New Year

In the past, I’ve stock-piled my bad-habits to break to-do list for the New Year, saving them up with a plan to go cold turkey on all of them starting January 1. This has been both a convenient excuse to continue letting myself get away with my bad habits for the remainder of the year, and also ... a recipe for disaster. Why not take the pressure off of your New Year’s resolutions and break up with your bad vices before the ball drops? Here are 5 bad habits to break before the New Year (and how to break them).

The Subtle Art of Dating Yourself: 14 Fun, Sexy, and Spirited Solo Date Ideas

In the history of bad first dates, my first date with myself had not gone well. To be fair, I had sort of stumbled into the whole self-dating scene out of boredom, desperation, and an innate desire to get to know myself. And while it all turned out alright in the end — as in, despite my bad first date, I went on another, and another, and a hundred more after that — a little extra planning and preparation might have gone a long way.