12 Reasons Why Being a Woman Is Completely F*&KING Amazing

These days, being a woman can be really frustrating. Like sometimes, I can’t help but think that my sad addiction to $5 almond-milk-americano-misto’s wouldn’t be such a big deal if I didn’t make 20% less than my male counterparts. Ugh, sorry, I’m not a political writer and I don’t even want to attempt to be one.All I want to point out on this International Women’s Day is that being a woman is completely f&*king amazing, and these are just a few of the reasons why...

The Ultimate Self-Lover's Valentine's Day Gift Guide

In anticipation of "the most romantic day of the year," the (self)love journey continues because no matter your current relationship status, how dreamy your boyfriend is, or how much you love to hate on this over-hyped holiday, the greatest happily-ever-afters always come from falling for yourself, first. So, in the spirit of giving (to ourselves), here’s The Ultimate Self-Lover’s Valentine's Day Gift Guide.

That Big Scary Word That Starts With The Letter "D" + How to Own Your Darkness

Maybe it’s the Sunday Scaries, maybe it’s that time of the month, maybe it’s something deeper, something darker, like an innate dread or anxiety. Maybe it's that big scary word that starts with the letter "D" — I'm talking about "depression" (why are we all so scared of that word, anyways?). Maybe it’s a relentless case of the blues. Whatever you call it, it’s yours and it’s time to lean into it.

Where Do You Fit Into Your Day? An Important Self-Care Reminder

There is a reason, a very real, important reason, airlines tell you to secure your oxygen mask, first, before assisting other people. Essentially, the idea is that you can't help anyone else — including your children, your mom, your BFF, your boss, and everyone you deeply care about — if you don't take care of yourself, first. Well, you can, but it WILL without a doubt only be a small part of what you’re actually capable of.

16 Revolutionary Quotes From GIRLS That Will Make You Say, "SAME."

Lena Dunham’s GIRLS (HBO), which is approaching its sixth and final season, has brought us a new kind of drama. Something a little less glamorous, a little more raw and a lot more real. GIRLS dares to be brutally honest, it’s not afraid to be unflattering at some angles, and most impressively, to allow the characters – flawed as they may be – to say and do the things that we’ve all been saying and doing for like, years.