Beauty & The Beach: 12 Essentials For a Perfect Day in The Sun

The beach is my happy place. It’s where I feel most at peace, most in love, most hopeful and inspired. It’s where I’ve had some of my greatest ideas, and experienced some of my greatest failures (turns out, I’m not that good at surfing). It’s because of all these reasons that I am forever chasing an endless summer, and as such, I’ve perfected the art of an ideal beach day.

What NOT To Do At The Beach This Summer

Despite the chill vibes summer is *supposed* to bring, it can, and often does, run a series of zero-chill criticisms, body-image insecurities, and tremendously toxic thoughts down the spine. BUT. It doesn't have to. Chill out (the positive way) and enjoy your dog days of summer by avoiding the following toxic habits.

The Secret To Proactive Self-Care & What It Actually Looks Like

The ongoing practice of taking care of yourself, your WHOLE self, mind, body and soul, every day. It’s the decision (self-responsibility) that we make to nourish, recharge, and care for ourselves often in lieu of pushing through, striving for, and “doing more”. It’s giving ourselves permission to pause and replenish regularly (not just when we need to), without judgment, critique or criticism.

15 Summer Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without

Yes. This title is totally hyperbolic. Like, I could totally live without any beauty product. But we live in a hyperbolic world and you get my point, right? ANYWAY. When it comes to beauty, my approach to makeup is almost always, less is more. However, I'm still a girl who loves a bright lipstick, red nail polish and the promise of dewy skin. Here are the 15 summer beauty products I can't live without.