Simple Self-Care For The Body, Mind, and Soul

When life gets tough, our self-care practice is usually the first thing we ditch. What’s up with that? The truth is — even with the best of intentions — you can't help others, or operate at your highest capacity, or fulfill your potential, or be your best self, if you're not taking care of number one (that's you) first. SO. In the spirit of not piling on to the overwhelm by giving you a long, long list of self-care to-do’s, here are three simple self-care tips that are great for your mind, body, and soul. 

8 Easy Ways To Extend Your Summer Vacation

Although the weather gods have blessed us with perpetual sunshine here in Southern California, Summer Scaries, a seasonal variety of the infamous Sunday Scaries, are REAL. They come on yearly. Usually rolling in anywhere from July 5th to the last week in August when something completely unassuming forces you take off your summer sunnies and actually look at your calendar for the first time in 3 months.

The One Beauty Rule You Need To Break, Right Now

Day in and day out, we’re constantly fed the latest trends in beauty — red lips so hot RN! Contouring is OUT! Are your brows “on fleek”? — as if keeping up with them is one of our sole responsibilities as women. As if the worst thing we could do in this world is over-contour our cheekbones, or under-wash our hair. As if we’re not capable of creating our own definition of beauty.

5 Secrets to Healthier Hair (Bye Bye Golem, Hello Gorgeous!)

I’ve learned through extensive experiments of trial and error (more or less error) a few various hair care methods that can actually make even the Golem-liest hair stronger and shinier long into old age (I am pushing 30, after all). Whether you’re blessed with hair like my bros or have a little more of what I’ve got going on, here are some little-known tips that could result in much more healthy locks.

Caught Up in Comparison? Here Are 5 Things to do Instead of Comparing Yourself to Others

Comparing yourself to others is more than just a generational hobby for millennials, it’s a mortal affliction. Humans have been doing it since the beginning of time (or at least since my parents were teenagers — because that’s as far back as I bothered to research). SO. In order to remedy the situation, I’ve compiled this actionable list of 5 Things to do instead of comparing yourself to others.

How to Actually Make Time For Your Self-Care (Because Not Everyone Can Just “Play Hooky”)

Do you ever read those self-care articles that are all like, rah rah “make time for yourself, babe!” and you’re all like, SURE, I'D LOVE TO but HOW? Honestly, I might have written that article, not fully realizing how big of an ask I was making. The following are a few of my suggestions on how to actually make time for yourself and practice self-care without playing hooky from real life.

Introducing The ALL NEW Self-Love Sessions: Beautiful Conversations With Women Who Inspire

The Self-Love Sessions aren’t just your typical Q&A. In my conversations with badass babes, I aim straight for the heart stuff.

We deep-dive beyond those shiny, perfect, poreless Instagram posts into the unfiltered truths of everyday life. We tackle the realities of growing up GIRL in a culture where beauty reigns supreme, and get radically honest about our own insecurities (and also how to deal with 'em).