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My name is Reanne Derkson and I am 27 years old. I can (and do) drink coffee with my eyes closed. I'm a firm believer in the oxford comma, self-love as a practice, and in wearing whatever the f*%k you want.


Here's what else you should know up front: 

Littlefoolbook isn't just some blog that I update in my spare time. (At least, not anymore). Littlefoolbook is a real book. And now that my manuscript is officially finished, I am working on writing a book proposal so that I can 1) Find a literary agent, 2) Get my book published, and 3) Get it into your hands, ASAP.

Littlefoolbook will be yours.
Who am I kidding, littlefoolbook is already yours. 

And for the record...This isn't some totally random venture, or a hobby that I picked out of a hat. I am a writer. I identify more directly with writer than I do with girl or woman or lady (though as far as I can recall, I don't think I've ever answered to the term lady...yet, anyway).



littlefoolbook is a collection of stories, essays, lists, letters, and learnings.

♥  It's about coming of age in a body that doesn't feel like your own.

♥  It's about growing up girl in a culture where beauty reigns supreme.

♥  It's about humility and vanity and all things in between.

♥  It's about heartbreak and loss (of hair) and letting go.

♥  It's about learning to belong, learning to love (yourself first!), and learning to say NO to catcalls.

♥  It's about you, and it's about me, and it's about better understanding ourselves (and how we gon' be).

Come along with me as I explore themes of beauty, vanity and self worth with blatant honesty and (almost always self-deprecating) humour.



My technical credentials:

I spent 5 years (that's 1/5 of my life!) studying writing, reading good writing, writing bad writing and then rewriting bad writing to make it good writing at the University of Victoria, B.C.

In 2013, I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and then everyone asked me what I was going to do with my MAJOR in writing.

I've been published in a couple literary journals, I've worked for a magazine and I've even been a journalist of sorts. (You can read some of my other work, here). I've started blogs, I've guest-blogged, I've been a contributor and an editor and a copy writer. And now I'm ready to be an author. 


The real credentials*:

I have learned that it's OK to cry, and that sticking a tampon in your vagina doesn't hurt as much as you thought it would before you had to stick a tampon in your vagina, and that as a rule, you generally shouldn't trust men behind a camera.

I was catfished before catfish was ever a term, a TV show, a documentary, or a real thing people actually do to each other.

I have binged and purged. I have starved. I have gorged. I have gained 20 pounds and lost 20 pounds. I have tried every fad diet out there. I have Googled, "how to get skinny in 6 days" in anticipation of some big event. I have curves, a big ass in tight jeans, and stretch marks clawed against my inner thighs. I have become OK with all of that.

I have hated myself; I have loathed the very essence of my being, and prayed to wake up as someone new, someone different; I have been there (you know where)—and back again—a couple of times; and against all odds, I have learned (am still learning) to love myself.

Above all, I truly believe that it is our duty as strong women to lift up and empower other women. 

*All of which are being dutifully documented in the littlefoolbook


Last but not least...

If you happen to be a lit agent, or someone who digs my vibe/words and have the power to help me make my book dreams come true, please get in touch.