Writing Milestone: How I Arrived At Here And Now

Yesterday, I celebrated a new writing milestone: 100 pages. But getting here, hasn't been easy.

Rewind to six months ago:

I'm happily shacked up in the beautiful city of Vancouver, walking to and from work everyday, eating endless amounts of shawarma (I've never been firm on the spelling of the word—is it shwarma?), and basking in the laid back vibe of the west coast. And while thoroughly enjoying life and all the beautiful people and things that occupy it, I could sense myself becoming a bit...complacent. 

So I threw myself for a loop.

I liquidated—sold and/or gave away over half of my acquired belongings.

I moved—not just to a new apartment, or city, or province as I've done multiple times before—but back in with parents.

I said "so long!" to traditional employment, and then my employer said "so long!" to me.

And then, back in a place (where winter exists!), with no job (see: no money), no girlfriends (see: no social life), and no sense of who I was or what I was doing, I cried. 

I cried and cried and cried, wondering what on earth I had done? I cried some more and felt a little bad for my boyfriend who probably felt a lot bit concerned about whether or not I was okay, whether or not I would bounce back, and when might this crying end?

And then it ended. And it was time to decide what was next.

"If money wasn't an issue," he asked,

"if you could do anything in the world that you wanted," he asked 

"what would it be?" he asked.

"Write a book."

"Okay," he said.

"That's what you're going to do."

So, here I am. It's been 6 months since the big move and 3 months since I started writing #littlefoolbook. And writing is just as hard as it's ever been and that's the part I love. Because every single day, I challenge myself to put one word after another.

Yesterday, my boyfriend came home from work and surprised me with a cake. 

"Happy 100 Pages!" he said, before urging me to blow out the candles so we could get to the eating part. And while I can't tell you what I wished for, I can tell you—whether or not the wish comes true—it's all been worth it. I can tell you that this whole idea of chasing your dreams and pursuing your passions is definitely along the road less traveled, but the sacrifices you will make to get there will be worth it. Even if you fail.

I know this because I've only written 100 pages, and yesterday I got to eat cake.