Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Juice Cleansing: Surviving The Cleanse

Woah, woah, woah...slow down friend — have you read parts 1 & 2 first?

Yes, the reasons to jump on the juice cleanse bandwagon are both plentiful and enticing, but when it comes to actually surviving a juice cleanse, and how not to turn into a parking-spot stealing asshole (see first post for reference), here’s my advice: Sleep.

Just sleep for three whole days, only waking up periodically to drink your green juice that tastes like celery and garlic and other things juices shouldn’t taste like, and then pull those covers back over your head and go back to bed. (I told you I was hangry).

In the very likely event that you have a real job, and a life, and children to tend to, or people to talk to, or priorities other than simply surviving a juice cleanse, that deter you from slipping into a three-day coma, then you should probably just listen to Nutritionista Jess, of Urban Alchemy instead:

"Although everyone’s experience is unique, while on a juice cleanse you may experience some physical and emotional detox symptoms such as headaches and fatigue as the toxins are moving out of the system," this is totally normal, she assures me.

Hydration is the foundation of cleansing. "To minimize detox symptoms and side effects, be sure to drink lots of water throughout your cleanse—at least 16 oz between each juice." And if you happen to work up a sweat during your cleanse, which she dutifully informs me is absolutely fine, Jess suggests sipping on coconut water to replace lost electrolytes. 

Image Source:  We Heart It

Image Source: We Heart It

Pro Tip: For a little variety during your juice cleanse, try infusing your water with organic fruits and herbs! I love lemon with mint :)

"My best coping advice is to use your juice cleanse as an opportunity to really love yourself up. Take time out of your busy schedule to slow down and tune in. Make it all about you, take a day off of work, watch some trashy T.V., grab a good book, try a restorative yoga class and totally zen out."

Image Source:  We Heart It

Image Source: We Heart It

Pro Tip: Take a day off, stay in bed, relax, read a book and totally zen out!

Cleansing is both a physical and mental undertaking.  One minute, you feel like the purest image of health and you are posting motivational quotes to Instagram while simultaneously giving yourself pats on the back in the mirror as you assess how all your belly bloat has seemingly disintegrated into thin air; and the next you’re skipping yoga to stare down a box of pizza someone in your household has just ordered and that little voice inside of your head starts getting louder and louder: EAT IT!!!! JUST ONE SLICE!! EAT ALLLLLLL THE PIZZA!!! YOU DESERVE THE PIZZA!!

This is where mental strength comes in, and as Jess explains, it’s really more about loving yourself than beating yourself up. “It’s really easy to let your inner mean girl talk her talk while you’re cleansing,” says Jess. “Remember you’re (hopefully) doing a juice cleanse because you love your body not because you hate it, so be nice to yourself, always. Don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t make it to yoga or you ‘slipped up’ and ate a bite of your boyfriend’s dinner—that’s crazy! Love more, especially while cleansing.” 

And if you’re really freakin’ hungry, eat something! “Steamed veggies, avocado with hemp seeds and lemon juice -- there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!” Though Nutritionista Jess doesn’t recommend reaching for the pizza. Say NO to the pizza. 

Have some juice cleanse survival tips of your own? Comment below and share them with the rest of us :)

Next up: The Post-Cleanse & More Pro-Tips!

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