A Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide For Every Girl In Your Life

All I want for Christmas is everything. Okay, that sounds selfish.

I can acknowledge that.

And I can genuinely say that I want all those good and well-meaning things for the holidays like, quality time spent with loved ones, celebrations of gratitude for all that I have already, warm wishes for my loved ones, neighbors, and even my exes...because 'tis the season, right?

But also, I’m a starving artist (despite the presence of these five extra lbs I just can’t lose), and I have wants and needs just like anyone else. The only difference between me and anyone else is that I can’t afford my wants and needs (yet).

So the other night, when my boyfriend asked me why I was still on my laptop after midnight, and I confessed that I was compiling my Christmas Wishlist, and after he laughed at me because what 27-year-old still makes Christmas Wishlists?... I realized that he had a point. 

So, in the spirit of giving, I’ve decided to repurpose my Christmas Wishlist as a Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide for you, my reader, in case you have any last-minute shopping to do for your sister, BFF, gal-pal, or the starving artist in your life.

The Ultimate Last Minute Gift Guide For Every Girl In Your Life


Saje Moon Cycle

Price: $19.95

Because PMS blows, and being a total monster for 3-5 days out of every month is zero fun. Really, this is a gift for everyone the recipient surrounds herself with. Saje moon cycle is the natural wellness remedy for monthly mood swings, bloating and premenstrual tension. It comes in an adorable hand-held size, making it the perfect stocking stuffer.


Botanique Candle

Price: $20.00

The perfect gift for the girl who has everything. Candles are a classic gift and always appreciated. This particular line comes from Urban Outfitters and features four unique botanical scents: Mimosa Fruit, Lavender Clove, Wild Aloe, and Orange Agave.


S’well Water Bottle

Price: $42.00

The perfect gift for the thirsty girl...because even though she has desperately wanted this S’well bottle, for like, ever, no human in their right mind is ready and willing to pay $42 for a water bottle. So, when she unwraps this on December 25th, trust me, she will be oh-so-happy and thoroughly relieved that she doesn’t have to spend half her pay-cheque on a glorified cup. 

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the last year and aren’t familiar with S’well water bottles, they get their hefty price tag because of their efficiency in keeping cold liquids cold for 24 hours, or your hot liquids hot for 12 hours.


Desire Map Planner

Price: $44.00

For the busy girl on the go who spends too much time working, taking care of others, or serving ulterior agendas, this day planner is the perfect gift for those who need to implement a little bit more self-care into their lives (read: every girl, everywhere). The Desire Map Planner “is designed to help you connect with what you most want, every day, and plan your life accordingly.”


For Love & Lemons Bralette Two-Pack

Price: $68.00

Be the most popular gal at your holiday gift exchange, or gift your bestie with something you know she’ll adore but would never justify buying for herself. Every girl loves pretty skivvies, and these are among the prettiest. This perfect pair of triangle bralettes features custom lace details and gold hardware. Need I say more?


Frank Body Top-To-Toe Kit

Price: $89.95

The perfect natural skin care kit that will have you feeling fresh, smooth and clean from top-to-toe. Frank Body products utilize natural oils, coffee grounds and coffee seed extract, and other natural ingredients to nourish your skin. This Top-To-Toe kit features the Original Coffee Body Scrub, Body Balm, Creamy Face Cleanser, Creamy Face Scrub, Everyday Face Moisturizer, and for a limited time, a cheeky cosmetic bag in which to stash all of your goodies.


Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

Price: $98.00

All hail the perfect black legging. The must-have, wardrobe staple for every girl this season, is Spanx’s newly released fashion leggings with all the functionality of the Spanx undergarments, without the awkward undressing experience. These life-changing leggings feature a shaping waistband with hidden power mesh, and while I have no idea what power mesh is, I like the sounds of it, and I know that with all the holiday eating I’m planning on doing, I 100% want these babes on my body, like, now.


Frends Layla Headphones

Price: $105.00

For your girlfriend who spends a lot of time working in public places, these headphones are the perfect fashionable accessory that also send a major don’t-talk-to-me signal to all the dudes and their cheesy pickup lines. Also, aside from a being super effective accessory for every babe who needs help maintaining her boundaries, apparently the sound quality is top-notch. Plus, look how pretty they are.


Nourished By Nature Online Cleanse Course

Price: $129.00

The gift every girl will be begging for come January 1, 2017. Give your best friend, sister, or mom the gift of a fresh start this New Year with Urban Alchemy’s 14-Day Cleanse Course, Nourished by Nature. The program promises to help you discover next-level nourishment for the body, mind, and soul, find results without restriction and teach you how to feel good...like really really good. (It’s totally okay to adopt the one-for-you-one-for-me shopping principle with this gift!)


Darren Backpack by Rebecca Minkoff

Price: $325.00

Because backpacks are the new purse and it’s about freaking time. While I love my little clutches and shoulder bags, it’s really annoying when I put my phone and like, one lipstick in it, and I can’t get it closed. Backpacks are the chic new accessory where fashion meets function, and this to-die-for Rebecca Minkoff gem is among the most beautiful that I’ve seen. If $325.00 is a bit more than you’d like to spend, Kendall and Kylie make this uber-trendy pack at a slightly lower price tag.


Away Luggage Set

Price: $450.00

Because every gift guide (or wish list) needs a big ticket item. This gift is perfect for the digital nomad or wanderlust-junkie who loves to travel. While you might think the avid traveler already has some sturdy luggage, you’d be wrong, because the avid traveler would way rather spend her money on an airline ticket to a new destination than on something as practical as a travel set. The Away Travel Set features TSA-approved locks, a USB port for charging your phone on the fly and is essentially everything you’d want in luxury luggage at a more economical price.

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