The Ultimate Self-Lover's Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Who needs him? It’s Valentines, Bae!

In anticipation of "the most romantic day of the year," the (self)love journey continues because no matter your current relationship status, how dreamy your boyfriend is, or how much you love to hate on this over-hyped holiday, the greatest happily-ever-afters always come from falling for yourself, first. So, in the spirit of giving (to ourselves), here’s The Ultimate Self-Lover’s Valentine's Day Gift Guide.

Spoil yourself, babe. You are solid gold.



V-Day For One: The Self-Lover’s Gift Guide*

*As if I needed to tell you this, but this gift guide never expires. Every day is a good day to treat yo’ self.


1. Sweatpants Nicer Than Your Nice Pants.

Instead of donning your fanciest wares for a night on the town, prioritize whatever will make your V-day as relaxing as it can be — if that means laying low to Netflix-and-Chill, opt for a night in wearing these, sans social media induced FOMO. (Spoiler alert… you’re not missing anything.)

I lovingly recommend:

  • Stranger Things
  • The New Girl
  • Ray Donovan
  • Every old episode of SATC

And if t.v. isn’t your thing, I suggest delving into the literary classic, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (A Mostly True Memoir) by Jenny Lawson.


2. Unsexy-But-You-Love-It Everything

You know all those things you love to wear that every guy apparently hates? You should 100% wear them.

This includes but is not limited to: vintage denim, “shapeless” dresses, and drop-crotch harem pants. Because today is all about YOU. Wear the oversized sweater. Buy those boyfriend jeans. Dress to impress (yourself).


3. Fancy Sheets No One Will Ruin

Set up a sleep sanctuary fit for a queen with Yo Home's luxurious bamboo sheets because you deserve royal treatment (even when you're snoozing).


4. At Home Spa Makings

This DIY face mask.

These calming bath salts. 

+ Splurge on a 30-minute (minimum) massage because some things you should leave to the professionals. 


5. Pinky Promise to Choose Yourself With This Self Love Pinky Ring

Put a ring on it with Fred + Far's Self Love Pinky Ring. "A physical reminder to choose yourself, honor yourself, and remember yourself on a daily basis."


6. Treats From Sakara's Clean Boutique 

Ditch the cheap V-day candy for fresh fruit and veggie forward fare crafted from the highest quality ingredients and superfoods available. This is self-love in it's most delicious and nutritious form.  


7. And Finally...Love Bomb Bootcamp

Love Bomb Bootcamp: 30 Days of Radical Transformation & Unconditional Self Love

Love Bomb Bootcamp

$45.00 USD

Commit to yourself for 30 straight days of radical self-love alchemy and total transformation. Because every girl deserves to feel loved and YOU are no exception.


+ *A Bonus For The Newly Single Ladies*

First of all, Congrats! You're so much better off without him.

Second of all, for the d*ck that dumped you a week before V-day...this should suffice.

This Self-Lover's Gift Guide was co-created with Jessica & Erika Sweeney of Urban Alchemy <3