Mid-Month Micropleasures, Musings, and Meanderings: March 2017

ICYMI, last month I started THIS brand new and recurring segment.

M-to-the-power-of-3 is a mid-monthly feature where I spill on all the things that I’m currently loving or obsessing over (MICROPLEASURES), anything and everything that’s inspiring me (MUSINGS), and the random—sometimes deep, but mostly just random—things I’m thinking about that can’t really be categorized (MEANDERINGS).

I got a little long-winded this month in what were meant to be short-and-sweet points, so I won’t waste your time with any more of an introduction. Here goes, babe...


My newest (beauty) obsession: Essie Treat Love & Color in Sheers to You. 

For those of you who don’t actually know me—which my analytics suggests might be a lot, (rad!)—one of my defining characteristics is (are?) my ratchet nails. More specifically, the polish on them is almost always chipped; none of my nails are the same length because apparently, I peck too hard on my keyboard and my pointer finger nails are constantly breaking; and worst of all, I have this really bad habit of picking at the skin around my nails when I’m stressed, nervous or anxious so they might be all red and bleeding or just generally sore looking.

For the reasons above, when my best friend got married, I knew I had to go to great lengths (pun 100% intended) to make sure my nails didn’t ruin the wedding, and I ended up with...well, I don’t even know how to describe them, but they looked almost exactly like the picture below.


And then, because these behemoth talons were freaking cemented to my real nails, they stayed like that for two months. Okay, I clipped them down to a more ... errr... *manageable* length after the wedding, but still. When I finally had the time and patience to go to a salon to try and get them taken off, everyone at the salon was mystified as to what these nails were made of—actual cement, seemingly—and it took four different technicians 3 hours to get them off. 

Ever since then, my nails have been brittle, and more ratchet than ever. I wanted to get a manicure but knew it would be a waste of money on my weak, bitten nails. So instead, I put them into rehab. Which brings me to the actual point of this whole story.

On a trip to London Drugs, I discovered Essie Treat Love & Color in Sheers to You. A sheer polish that strengthens your nails while also adding a little bit of subtle color. And it just spoke to me. Okay, the sales lady spoke to me, but it might as well have been the voice of God because, after two swift coats of this stuff, my nails already look like they might belong to a responsible, independent women in her mid-to-late-20’s. Here’s hoping my nail rehab stint will be short and sweet and I’ll be back in Mani’s in no time.

My second current obsession: Bubble tea.

True story, this weekend—because it was that time of the month and thus being the total period monster I am—I dragged my boyfriend to 3 different bubble tea places in three different corners of Vancouver all in the span of 72 hours because, I guess I'm addicted to bubble tea, now? I suppose that’s just how vices work. Except, then I googled what the bubbles actually are, and I think I’m probably good and carb'd up for the foreseeable future.

But, you are not me. SO, if YOU need a sweet little pick-me-up, bubble tea is delicious and like, really fun to consume. My go-to flavor is Passion Fruit Green Tea with Tapioca Pearls.

Next up on the docket for things I'm loving lately: horoscopes.

First, let it be known, I’m NOT a horoscope person. I went to vacation bible school; my dad basically burned all of my Harry Potter books when I was younger and needless to say, anything astrological, magical, or pertaining to any other idols was completely off-limits. Except, now that I’m 27 years old and no longer living under my parent's roof (okay, I sometimes still live under their roof because rent is expensive and I’m a writer) I dared to click on a cosmic link my gal-pals over at Urban Alchemy shared on Social Media.

And now I’m kind of loving the Astro-Twins MONTHLY HOROSCOPES. I think it's important to note that this discovery went down on a day when I was feeling particularly puffy (I went out the night before) and contemplating spending like a billion dollars I didn’t have on a juice cleanse—because, you know me, I’m a sucker for a quick fix—and right there in my horoscope were literally the words, “With Jupiter in your health sector, steer clear of sweeping lifestyle fixes, like a juice fast or extreme exercise regimen. Slow and steady always wins the race, especially for your methodical sign.” and I was all like, WOAH, you have my attention.

The Astro-Twins also offer WEEKLY HOROSCOPES, so if you’re into this sort of stuff—and even if you’re not—, check it out. You might save yourself like, a billion dollars and the agony of enduring a juice cleanse.


via  Amazon

via Amazon

This past weekend I really needed some R&R, (& it was raining) so I stayed in bed, and read Cat Marnell’s, HOW TO MURDER YOUR LIFE. It’s one of those books that once you pick it up, you simply can’t look away. Her writing style is...different, like, she uses more exclamation points (!!!) than any other published author I’ve ever read, but it seems to work for her. After reading it, I felt conflicted, like, maybe I haven’t done enough with my life, and maybe if I had prescription drugs, littlefoolbook would have been published by now. But yeah, that’s just me. I tend to be attracted to the mad genius, creative addict, sort of thing.

Oh, and speaking of books, Danielle LaPorte’s new book, WHITE HOT TRUTH, is coming out in May and I’m stoked to be on the launch team. Stay tuned for my review on WHITE HOT TRUTH coming soon to littlefoolbook (like, as soon as I finish reading the advance e-book copy).

Also, this essay by Lena Dunham published on Lenny Letter completely captured me. For the entirety of the 5 minutes it took me to read, I found myself nodding my head in camaraderie, feeling things, and re-reading sentences like, “ What if you always recognize your voice? What if you ask for more? What if, as a result of this asking, you get exactly what you want?” because, what if?


Last week, I came across this piece of flash fiction I wrote a few years ago, fresh out of uni. It’s pretty much the only piece of fiction I’ve written (to date), though my family wonders (read: fears) if perhaps I have just a little bit too much in common with the protagonist. Holly on Display was published in Issue Ten of Penduline Press.  

And last but not least...

Last week, in honor of International Women's Day, I wrote this light-hearted blog post about some of the reasons being a woman totally rocks. But today, I found myself focused on some of the downsides.


Is it just me, or is one of the worst things about being a woman the fact that it’s like basically impossible to eat a banana in public. Like, you can’t make eye contact with men, so you stare at your banana as you eat it, but then worry that maybe your hard, concentrated stare at the banana you're consuming is maybe giving off the exact vibe you were hoping to avoid. So then you decide to just break off chunks with your hand and pop it in your mouth all casual like, but after you’re finished eating your banana, your hands are all sticky, and it sooooo wasn’t worth it.

Just me? OKAY. 

via  Ftape

via Ftape

Until next month... 

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*Feature image artwork by Nicole Wermers.