Mid-Month Micropleasures, Musings, and Meanderings: April 2017

Hay girl, hey! Welcome to the April edition of Micropleasures, Musings, and Meanderings.

Spring is in the air, I've just surfaced from a 2-month writing/editing hole, and my Birthday is coming in hawt in like...3 weeks (May 2, in case you were wondering). Things are on the up-and-up.

SO. Without further ado, everything I'm obsessing over, inspired by, and thinking about (with links!) this month...


I’ve been living in my Girlfriend leggings lately, and it’s gotten to the point where I’m not really sure what I wore on the bottom half of my body before discovering these eco-friendly gems. Their new line launches this Spring, which basically means...any day now!

For my sweet tooth, I’m loving these cookies. Gluten-free, dairy-free, oil-free, guilt-free — I dare you to find an excuse for not (baking and then) eating them.  

I've tried pretty much ALL the yoga apps and while most of them are pretty good, they never really compare to going to a class, IRL. And then, on rec from one of my BFF'S, I discovered YogaGlo. At first, I was a little apprehensive about the $18/month subscription model, but then I remembered that the last studio I belonged to charged $170/month. With YogaGlo, I can take my practice on the road, take classes with celeb-yogis like Kathryn Budig, and check out the hottie on the mat in front of me with zero repercussions.

Confession time: I’m a total Horoscope Shopper. Like, if I don’t love my fates as presented to me by one website, I have zero guilt or moral issues with looking elsewhere, and elsewhere, and elsewhere until I find the Taurus Horoscope that just feels right. This month I’m digging my Existential Horoscope by Melissa Broder on Lenny Letter.


Melissa Broder, isn’t just the author of existential horoscopes, she’s also a poet, Twitter goddess, and wrote the BOMB book, SO SAD TODAY. Have you read it? You 100% should




I just finished reading THE RULES DO NOT APPLY by Ariel Levy and can I just say like, WOAH. I was captivated from the very first page of the Preface, “We’re going to go over to the phone now and call for help with one hand and hold the baby with the other.” This is a book about wanting it all, and losing it all and all the hard bits in between.


Speaking of the hard bits...For the days when your Dark Cloud is hovering — when getting out of bed feels like an impossible task, or when things feel heavy, or when you’re all tears and snot and red-faced and you’re not sure why — I wrote this article for The Mighty.

Oh, and just one more quick FYI, in case you’re like a real human being who has thoughts and feelings and emotions and you’re tired of keeping up appearances: It’s Okay to Not Always Be The Cool Girl.


Soooo….I….Uhhh...FINISHED WRITING LITTLEFOOLBOOK. For now, I mean. But phase one of this whole writing a book process is officially over and that feels really good. Phase two is figuring out the best way to get it into your hands. 

Until then...from the LITTLEFOOLBOOK cutting room floor, a scrappy sentence that didn’t quite make it into the book, but that I couldn’t just delete from my computer and life forever:

“Yet, the promise of thinness is more powerful. It has always been more powerful. There’s a very particular type of discomfort that comes from occupying a body that doesn’t feel like your own. Like, on the inside, you feel one way, but your reflection in the mirror is so far removed from the objectified truth; the shape you take, the space you fill.”

Stay tuned for more LITTLEFOOLBOOK scraps, next month.

OH - ONE MORE THING! For my littlefoolbunnies, Happy Easter! There's a totes adorbs bunny filter on Snapchat RN. I tried it out before brushing my hair or washing my face or putting any makeup on whatsoever, and I have zero probz sending it to my crush (aka, boyfriend). 



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PS. I will never (ever) feature anything in these blog posts that I haven't personally used, read, enjoyed, tried, experienced, etc. I'm not about that. However, if you do choose to take my advice and try out anything I've mentioned above, using the links provided helps me keep my lights on :) LOVE YOU LONG TIME. XX