Mid-Month Micropleasures, Musings, and Meanderings: May 2017

Let’s get right to it, shall we?


Is it just me or is there something totally luxurious about bathrobes? I could live in this perfectly weighted, soft (but not too soft) robe from The James Hotel.

I’m currently on a yoga streak and haven’t missed a class in...okay...it’s only been a week, but I plan on continuing my streak for...like...ever. And because I’m a major sucker for anything from Saje, I use this and this every day to make my practice perfect (even when I’m not perfect).

My two fave nutritionistas and #girlboss partners in crime (and self love) shared this lovely post about their healthy disrespect for breaking all the “rules,” especially when it comes to food.


I just finished reading Sweet Bitter by Stephanie Danler on recommendation from a couple near and dears and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. It’s a deliciously juicy read that I could barely put it down. Think: a coming-of-age novel full of champagne, cocaine, and a heartthrob named Jake with an appetite for oysters (and maybe something else).

The Love Bomb Bootcamp blog, LOVE NOTES  is officially live. Expect sexy and spirited self-love soul stuff, body-talk, exclusive interviews, radical self-care, and a handful of other random writes including my 7-step guide to self-love, the secret to pro-active self-care, and you know, all other things to do with growing up girl.

Since I’ve been sick, I binge-watched GIRLBOSS on Netflix and wasn’t even ashamed when my Apple TV checked in with me every 4 episodes to ask if I was still watching. Yes, YES, I was. It’s the perfect uncommon mixture of mindless and inspiring. Like, I felt totally vegged out while watching, but also creatively inspired to get up and be a #GIRLBOSS….as soon as I get over this flu.

This past month, I also launched my very first e-book, LITTLEBEAUTYBOOK: The Definitive (Un)Guide to Beauty. Click below to claim your free copy, babe.


I have a major girl-crush on Sally Mustang. Not only is she totally rad to follow on Instagram because she posts amazing pics, but this beautiful gypsy spreads a strong spiritual, self-loving, artistic message on the daily. 

Katie Dalebout shared this article in her most recent newsletter, and it made me laugh. And also feel less alone. It’s terrible — I know — but I’m relieved to find that I’m not the only person who is awful at getting back to texts and emails in a timely manner. You might be, too. (Relieved, I mean.)

And last but not least, another scrap excerpt from the LITTLEFOOLBOOK cutting room floor:

“Standing naked in front of the wide, gold-framed bathroom mirror in my very first apartment, I pinched and pulled at the skin on my hips. I tried to imagine what my tummy might look like without what I (un)lovingly referred to as, my pooch. I turned to the side, raised my arms and sucked in. But even sucking in, there were curves that couldn’t be masked by a sharp intake of breath. I’m 20 years old and I’ve already let myself go, I thought. It was as if I could literally see slices of pizza packed onto my belly, the stuffed-crust on my dough-y arms, and pepperoni pockings on my outer thighs. But according to the BMI chart in my doctor’s office, I fell into the ‘normal range’ for my age and height.
Not all eating disorders look the same.”

Stay tuned for more LITTLEFOOLBOOK scraps, next month.