10 Pieces You Don't Need for Summer (But You'll Really Want Anyway).

littlefoolbook X LadyFace

A guest post by Laura Gabrielle Feasey

I have long been an advocate of dressing for yourself. I have also long been an advocate of dressing ridiculously, even if it did once lead to my being voted the 'best dressed' and the 'worst dressed' at my school yearbook "awards" (I didn't get awarded shit). At the time all I could think was 'well at least I'm not boring', and now all I can say is that I'm glad social media wasn't capturing some the outfits that lead to my accolades. I may now consider myself more refined, but I still like to feed a little ridiculousness into every outfit, even if I'm being conservative.

So in the spirit of championing a little weirdness, expressing your personality and enriching your personal style, here are ten treasures for this season, which you definitely don't need but you'll really really want.

Warning: Some of these picks may induce stares. Embrace them (the stares, not the people staring, that really will get you in trouble).



summer fashion 1

Exactly what you want to be wearing when you stretch back in your chair whilst listening to whoever is boring you with their latest first world problems.


Tropical vibes crossed with 90s classroom slang. A hot summer holiday must-have.


Because it's an important piece of life advice.


First, there was the baby pink vinyl pencil skirt, now there are the bubblegum pink vinyl 'jeans'. Just imagine the noise you'll make when you're walking...


If you want to take a more subtle approach.


You know those people who take a hip flask to weddings...


Because let's not pretend we've all been buying trainers to workout.


Gingham reminds me of school summer dresses, and the telephone patch reminds me of the Dream Phone game. Perfect 90s vibes.


Because why should they be blue?


You know, for that soiree in Wimbledon come July...

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