6 Obvious But Life-Changing Beauty Tips For Flawless Skin

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’m a little bit lazy when it comes to makeup and my beauty routine.

Contouring has always confused me. (Does anyone else find those Pinterest diagrams extremely complicated?)

I haven’t touched my brows in years and wouldn’t know the first thing about making them “on fleek.”

And these days, the time commitment for nailing my winged eyeliner just feels like too much.

Mostly, I just don’t have the patience to deal with my face. And also, I’ve gotten pretty used to the way it looks au naturale, so I’m making peace with my own particular brand of beauty. But that doesn’t mean I don’t still want to feel pretty when bae takes me out on a date night, or when I meet the girls for happy hour, or for when the lighting is just right and I want to nail that selfie.

The following beauty tips may be pretty obvious, but let's face it, we could all use a reminder and a little brush-up on the basics every now and then. These are my 6 un-best-kept secrets for healthy, flawless skin and beauty that starts from the inside-out.

Beauty tips for flawless skin


1. Drink plenty of H20. And then drink some more.

This is nothing new. You know it. I know it. Hydration equals health. And not drinking enough water might be the biggest beauty vice of all. Aside from being vital to your survival, proper hydration also leads to better, glowing, healthy skin.

Is your skin dry, breaking the f*** out, or feeling weathered? Try moisturizing from the inside out with a big ol’ glass (or, say... 8?) of H20.

I know, I know, drinking 8+ cups of water per day can seem totally daunting for the hydration newbie. But just think, if you can drink 8 glasses of wine in a few hours with your girls, you can definitely do this.

You can also up your H20 game by consuming foods with high water content. Think: watermelon, cucumber, celery, strawberries and the like.

2. Get your beauty sleep.

I don’t mean to get all sciencey on you but, sleep is everything.

Sleep boosts productivity, creativity and keeps you focused. It’s during sleep that your body’s innate healing capabilities kick into full gear; your immune system gets revitalized, you build strong muscles (no, unfortunately, sleep doesn’t count as a workout), hormones and metabolism are balanced, and general maintenance and repair of all bodily systems occur. Not to mention, there’s a reason it’s called beauty sleep.

On top of all those other incredible sleep benefits, science says getting enough rest also leads to fewer wrinkles, a glowing complexion, brighter eyes (and less puff), healthier hair, and an overall happier appearance.

Studies show that we should be clocking in around 7-9 hours of sleep, every night (weekends included). If you’re currently clocking anything less and feeling (or looking) a bit zombie-esque, it’s time to rethink your sleeping habits.

3. Fill up on Vitamin D, girl.

Vitamin D, AKA, “The Sunshine Vitamin,” promotes healthy bones and better moods and is also known to have some major beauty benefits like reducing the appearance of stretch marks, helping to maintain a healthy weight, preventing hair loss, and more.

Not too mention the side-effects of a summer bronze. For whatever reason, whether legitimate or unjustified, I always feel like a better version of myself when I have a tan. I should preface this by saying, I have the type of skin that tans easily, and rarely burns, so I like to get my Vitamin D the ol’ natural way — by basking in the sun.

10-15 minutes per day in the mild morning sun should do the trick! But for those of you who prefer a little bit of a more responsible (and wrinkle-free) alternative, there are always supplements.

"An over-the-counter vitamin D3 supplement is just as good as sun exposure," says Anthony Norman, a vitamin D researcher and professor of biomedical sciences at the University of California, Riverside, who recommends 2,000 to 3,000 IU (international units) a day.

4. Tinted moisturizer is magic.

Tinted moisturizer (with SPF, always) is magic. For real, because of my whole heliophilous sun addiction, if it weren’t for my tinted moisturizer with SPF, my face would likely resemble a raisin by now.

But alas, it does not.*

*A fact I attribute to my tinted moisturizer.

I use this one, on the daily. I simply apply it like a normal moisturizer to my clean face and bam! Done. The tint provides a hint of light coverage and also helps even out my skin tone, while not being too overbearing or hiding my freckles. (You can totes apply makeup over top, too, if that’s your thing.)

(For more of my fave beauty products, go here.)

It’s easy, effortless, provides sun protection, and is as close to au naturale as you can get (without actually going, au naturale, that is.)  Like I said, magic.

5. Ditch the contour, go for glow.

I have naturally oily skin, which means that any powdery things I apply to my face inevitably begin to look cakey within an hour or two. Save for the odd swipe of Too-Faced chocolate scented bronzer (because what gal can avoid face chocolate?), I’ve pretty much given up on powder makeup, and in turn the several complicated contouring palettes I’ve bought over the years.

However, in embracing my oily skin, I’ve found that I can kinda pull off the glowy Gigi Hadid look. Like, is that oil glimmering on my forehead, or the result of an expensive highlighter stick from Sephora? I guess you’ll never know.*

*It’s definitely oil.

Especially in the summertime, when the heat threatens to melt off as many layers of foundation or powder you dared to apply, I’ve found that ditching the complicated foundation and contouring routine has been the answer to all my oily skin problems. Now, my beauty routine is simple and takes me 3 minutes (or less). And it begins with embracing my skin and letting it breathe.

6. Remember the most important beauty rule of all: It starts from the inside out.

And while, yes, I do mean that beauty starts from the inside out in the fluffy, metaphorical sense, like it doesn’t matter at all what you do with your face because you’re a thinking, breathing, feeling, loving, human being with a unique personality and a mind of your own and that’s what makes you beautiful.

I feel obliged to also mention that beauty starts from the inside out in the literal sense as well. Believe it or not, when it comes to beauty the supermarket is more important than Sephora. While everybody has different nutritional and dietary needs, incorporating the following foods into your diet can only do wonders for your health, skin, and hair:

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Walnuts
  • Spinach
  • Lentils
  • Chia Seeds
  • Almonds
  • Flax Seeds
  • Avocados
  • Berries
  • Seaweed



Perhaps the most important beauty tip of all is SELF-LOVE. That is, recognizing, RN, that you are already everything — beautiful, one-of-a-kind, and gorgeous from the inside out — and those things you call flaws? Well, they're perfect.



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