The Miracle of a Mantra & Re-writing Your Inner Dialogue, AKA, How to Get Over Him ASAP

Let me paint a scene for you.

I’m 22. My hair is long and bleached blonde. I’m probably wearing gold hoop earrings, a spaghetti strap tank top and jeans that are too tight and that therefore show off my hot pink Victoria Secret undies (*ahem* thong) anytime I bend over, or, say... sit in a rickety wooden chair in a rickety little shack on the side of a highway where the grey-haired lady sitting across from me is about to read my tea leaves.

OMG. I know, right — gold hoop earrings are totally back in style now.

ANYWAY. We’re here for kicks for my BFF’s birthday. She’s already had her turn (and trust, she’s going to be just fine). But me, I’m slightly freaking out. For one, I don’t even believe in “this stuff,” and for two, there’s a guy I’m having a really hard time getting over and I totally want/NEED to know if we’re going to get back together, fall in love and have babies.

No pressure, right?

We get off to a good start, my tea leaf reader and I. She tells me wonderful things about myself that I totes already know — like that I’m a great friend (duh), a good listener (double duh), and also that I’ll be wildly successful one day (here’s hoping*). All the while, my bestie violently scribbles notes for me in her journal so that I might be able to remember all the wisdom being passed on to me at this very moment.

Eventually, we get to the subject of men. She must smell the desperation somehow seeping through my foundation-clogged pores, because she’s all like, “Awe, sweetie you’re heartbroken aren’t you?” and I’m all like “how’d you know!?” as I nod my head and wipe away the tears that have almost instantly welled up in my eyes.  

“You need to get over him,” she says. “Now.” (So much for hope, and love and babies, right?)

“But howwwwww!?” I ask her, as if not only is she a tea leaf reader but also a registered therapist.

Regardless of her certification, she doles out the exact advice I need at this very moment. She gives me a mantra.

“Any time your mind goes there,” she says, “any time you catch yourself thinking about him, picturing his face, wondering if he’ll call, just repeat after me: I’m better off without him. I deserve great love. Losing him creates space in my life for the one.

And that’s what I did. And you know what? It totally worked.

(She also told me that another way to get over him would be to picture physically batting him away with a baseball bat every time I thought about him. But that seemed a little bit too...I don’t know...intense? I preferred my mantra.)

Okay, so I know this might all sound totally voodoo and maybe even a little silly (I thought so too), but hear me out. 

Mantras work if you let them.

Forget the tea leaf reader. Forget the new age stigma if it’s just not your thing. For me, it’s not even so much about the mantra itself as it is simply about the words—the story you tell yourself over and over and over again. Because let’s face it...we’re in our heads a LOT.

That story can either be, “I’m not worthy,” or “I don’t deserve ________,” or “I’ll never be good enough.”


That story can be one of your own choosing and design, like…

“I am 100% worthy of this promotion.”

“I deserve every beautiful thing that has happened to me and has yet to happen to me.”

“I am exactly good enough, beautiful enough, smart enough, capable enough for anything this world throws at me.”

See what I mean?

Mantras are all about re-writing the story in your head. And once you start believing that story, amazing things can happen.

My go-to self-love mantra is simple:

I am strong. I am beautiful. I am worthy. And I am more than capable.

Be creative—your mantra can be anything you want it to be. (You’re also welcome to borrow mine!)

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