Mid-Month Micropleasures, Musings, and Meanderings: July 2017

Hellllllllo summer!

Can you believe it’s already mid-July!? I hope your days have been full of bikini pics, bottomless pink drinks and endless days at the beach.

Now, without further ado, your favorite monthly rabbit hole has arrived.


After a month long road-trip I have been treating myself h-core (because #selfcare, right!). After 3 long years of rehabbing my hair, I let this beauty of Heartwood & Co. balayage me (does that sound dirty) and I’m obsessed with the results. I also spoiled myself with a mani/pedi because the Heartwood & Co. Beauty Boutique is beautiful and any excuse I can find to hang out there is perfect. #SupportYourLocalGirlGang.

I recently signed up for this weekly newsletter and I’ve gotta say, I’ve been loving it. Girl’s Night In is the opposite of spammy newsletter you immediately trash from your inbox, but rather one I look forward to receiving every Friday. It features curated suggestions for how to spend your GNI, smart reads, LOL-worthy gifs and so much more.

Last month in SoCal, my BFF re-introduced me to Pressed Freeze, and no joke, I had it every single day of my trip thereafter. Like ice cream, but better. It’s made from 100% whole fruits, nuts, and vegetables. My go-to freeze order is Size 2, vanilla with almond butter, cacao drizzle and coconut flakes. YOU?!


I just finished reading HUNGER by Roxane Gay, and like everything this brilliant woman writes, it was astounding. There were passages that took my breath away, that made me angry, and that made me want to cry out or hug her (even though I know she’s not a hugger and would never actually violate her personal space that way). Hands down, five stars.

“Do you ever look in the mirror and wonder who the f*ck that is staring back?” Another relatable AF article via Man Repeller.

Oh, and YOU GUYS. So cool. My article "The Secret To a Healthy Relationship With Food" is officially available on Audio via Medium. Give it a listen — don't worry, it's not my voice!


Also, even though I don’t really understand all the rules of Reddit, I started my own self-love subreddit because, why not?? Now, you can submit links and posts and pics and anything else you want to /selfloveclub because I’m not a picky mod.   

The #SummerOfSelfLove is in full swing, and it’s only going to get hotter from here. ICYMI, catch up below:

And even if you’re all caught up on the reading, don’t forget to actually sign up for The #SummerOfSelfLove to ensure your entry into the end of summer GIVEAWAY. Because who doesn’t love free things, amirite?