Productivity, Beauty, & The Power of Matching Lingerie: A Beautiful Q&A With Alyssa Coleman

I know you’ve heard this name before. (And if you haven’t, then you’re very welcome for the intro.) Alyssa Coleman is THE productivity guru. A #girlboss entrepreneur from Toronto, Ontario, she’s all about helping other creative babes get shit done, make more money, and build the business of their dreams.

When she isn’t busy changing women’s work lives for the better, you can catch her blogging about productivity (duh!) and wellness (did I mention she moonlights as a holistic nutritionist?), or inspiring her growing Facebook community of Free Spirited Babes.

This wasn’t my first time chatting with Alyssa, so I knew from experience what an utter bubble of joy and brilliance she would be for this Self-Love Session. I was, however, grateful to be the one asking the questions this time, because, #realtalk, Alyssa dared to get authentically raw with her answers — she reminds us all, that there’s so much beauty in being human (and ugly-crying), vitamin D is magical, and sometimes...sharing your insecurities with a loved one makes them go away. (The insecurities, not the loved one.)

Without further ado, a beautiful Q&A with Alyssa Coleman...


Alyssa Coleman Self-Love

Let’s dive right into it. Tell me — What’s your story, girl?

I'm a productivity strategist for creative entrepreneurs, and I'm obsessed with being the “left-brain," behind the scenes, silent productivity partner to allow creative entrepreneurs to work fewer hours in their business while getting more done and making a bigger impact (and more money).

But here's the real truth...

Not long ago I was working WAY more than 50 hours per week, I constantly felt like I was behind, forgetting things, and missing out on potential clients (and income) because I was a hot-mess.

My loved ones didn't understand why I was working way after the sun went down (#vampirevibes) or why I could never make it to Sunday brunch.

And to be honest, neither did I...

SO. I decided I was gonna figure out exactly what the top performers were doing. How the Oprah's, the Beyonce's and the Marie Forleo’s of the world were structuring their day to be more productive while still being creative.

Now, I am dedicated to helping my clients create strong, solid business foundations that allow them to not only succeed on a daily basis, but achieve their biggest dreams and realise their own full potential!

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“My mission is to support female entrepreneurs who are making BIG impacts. The more productive they are, the bigger the impact they have, and the more fulfilled I am.”


What motivated you to become a creative entrepreneur? 

I've always been an entrepreneurial type, I remember calling the parents of kids that I babysat, and suggesting that they have a date night so I could afford some sweet new Claire's accessories.

But my real entrepreneurial journey began after university, I landed a dream job.. and absolutely hated it. I hated the crappy vacation time, I hated being told what to do, and I hated finishing my work before everyone else and having my boss assign me MORE work because of it.

So I went back to school and decided I was gonna figure out how the heck to make this happen on my own, and the rest is history.


Since you're a Productivity Guru, I've gotta ask — What's your morning routine like?

My day begins at 7 AM by snoozing my alarm 2-10 times.

I eventually get out of bed (reluctantly), feed my cat, and make 2 almond milk lattes for my boyfriend and me.

We have coffee and lemon water together, and I usually get a good scroll going on Instagram.

I get my butt to my yoga mat to stretch it out & meditate anywhere from 5-35 minutes.

Then, I get to my computer, and start my workday!


What is your personal definition of "Beauty"?

My personality type is classically romantic so I find beauty in everything from a gorgeous new journal to an ugly-cry inducing film festival movie about WWII.

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When do you feel the most beautiful?

I feel most beautiful when I'm on vacation, I'm never sure why that is, but I think it's a combination of a nice tan, that bomb thing my hair does when it's been in the ocean, and getting half naked in front of strangers that totally breaks down my insecurities and reminds me that none of this crap really matters!

PLUS all that vitamin D is probably doing something great for my mental health.


Do you have a go-to favorite beauty product

My ride or die product is Laura Mercier's Mineral Powder Foundation. It takes me all of 5 minutes to get ready in the morning, looks really natural, but gives me a j-lo glow.


What's your current beauty regime?

I rarely change up my beauty regime and like to keep it simple. In the morning I wash my face with a Tata Harper exfoliating face wash and follow up with Tata Harper toner. Then...I put on my makeup

I slather Burts Bees pomegranate chap stick on all day errday

And I take my makeup off at night with either almond oil, rosehip oil or jojoba oil — depending on my mood (lol).

OH! and side-note/total life hack, I occasionally dye my eyebrows a little darker using "Just For Men" beard die (Feminism101: don't ever let someone tell you something is just for men LOL). Seriously, try it and thank me later.

There is so much pressure for women to fit society's skewed beauty norms. How have you coped with growing up GIRL in a culture that's obsessed with *a very certain standard* of beauty? 

I struggled with this a lot growing up and still do. I always felt very uncomfortable in my body, hated any type of attention, and was always worried that everybody was ONLY looking at that one pimple. This made me extremely anxious while growing up and I worry because these messages are everywhere now, and I thank Mark Zuckerberg every day that Instagram wasn't around when I was a teenager.

I try to make sure my voice as an entrepreneur is non-judgmental and really empowering to other women. And in my everyday life I try to be a better sister and friend by celebrating the beauty of other women, let them know how incredible they look, how kind they are and the other qualities about them I admire, rather than just saying "I love your dress, where'd you get it" (although sometimes that's important too lol)

This is the reason I love littlefoolbook — having people like you spreading a positive message for all of us who are growing up girl (which, tbh, I still am) is seriously game-changing.


What kind of role does "Self-Love" play in your life and/or business?

Self-love is extremely important to me, and something I *try* to practice daily. It's not something that comes easily to me in the slightest and my inner mean-girl is a total bitch.

I have the tendency to be harder on myself than I am on anyone else I know, so I practice self-love by celebrating my big and small wins in my business, practicing meditation and gratitude even when I don't feel like it, and surrounding myself with positive people (like you!).



Do you have any insecurities? How do you battle them?

Um YES, I have more insecurities than I'd like to admit! I think it's less about battling them and more about accepting them and trying to get to the bottom of why I have them in the first place. I find as soon as I stop trying to hide my insecurity and tell someone about it, or journal about it I can get past it, or at least understand it better so that I can work on it or ask for help.


How do you summon confidence on a "down day"?

I find if I put on matching lingerie under my outfit I almost have super powers. When my inner-confidence is lacking my under-confidence has my back ;)


What advice would you give your teenage self?

I would tell my teenage self to stop taking herself so seriously already!!! Things are gonna work out exactly how they should, so you can stop being so hard on yourself and go out and have some fun!

OH, and wear that crop top because your 27-year-old self is gonna hate you for not showing off those abs you didn't work for!

PS. you're beautiful, funny, and nobody is looking at your pimple, go get em.


Book of the moment?


Song of the moment?

Beauty staple?

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Yoga position?

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Time of day?

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Nail polish color?

Website to frequent?

Way to unwind?

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Podcast to listen to?

Snack food?

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