Hot Off The Press: An Interview on REVUE by Scout

Okay, so full disclosure here. I have been fangirling over Scout via her gorgeous moody-but-cultured Instagram profile for months on months on months. So. A few weeks ago when her name showed up in my email inbox, I couldn't help but do a little happy dance in the lobby of a hotel in Park City (because that's where I was at the time and instant reflexes and stuff). 

Scout is the visionary curator and Editor-in-Chief of the online culture buffet that is REVUE by scout. She also just started her own PODCAST, but that's another story (one you'll hear all about soon enough, I promise). 

Needless to say, when Scout invited me on REVUE for a Q&A, I tried to play it super cool (despite the whole fangirl thing) but still managed to send her an email response with too many exclamation marks!!!!! Can you blame me?


My interview with Scout is officially LIVE and it's full of juicy tidbits like the one thing I wish I'd had growing up, the importance of self-care, and where the heck the name "littlefoolbook" came from. 

You can read it HERE. (Or click the button below, because that's more fun.)