Introducing The ALL NEW Self-Love Sessions: Beautiful Conversations With Women Who Inspire


I’m beyond excited to finally be launching this brand new monthly feature here on littlefoolbook.

Because every single day, I’m connecting with new incredible ladies from around the world, collaborating with #girlbosses on projects that light us up, and fan-girling over girls who fearlessly live their lives out loud (and unfiltered).

And every single day, I think to myself, “Gawsh, I’d love to have a beautiful conversation with her.”

So that’s what this is. Honest conversations and inner beauty talks with women who inspire.

Without further ado, introducing... 




You + Me + Inspiring women from around the world.

Are you a girl on a mission? Do you have a message you want to share with a girl-gang of empowered women? If you'd like the opportunity to be featured on littlefoolbook, you can sign up for a chance at your very own Self-Love Session, here.



One-on-one interviews with #girlbosses, influencers, femmepreneurs, and the like. (You know...the kind of girl whose eyes light up when she's talking about something she's passionate about.)

The Self-Love Sessions aren’t just your typical Q&A. In my conversations with badass babes, I aim straight for the heart stuff.

We deep-dive beyond those shiny, perfect, poreless Instagram posts into the unfiltered truths of everyday life. We tackle the realities of growing up GIRL in a culture where beauty reigns supreme, and get radically honest about our own insecurities (and also how to deal with 'em).



On, of course.

Where else?



A new interview will be posted on the first Friday of every month.

This month’s — the inaugural Self-Love Session — will be published Friday, August 4th.

Can you guess who my very first special guest is?!



So often, I felt alone in my experiences and the pleasures and perils of growing up GIRL...& considering females make up over half the world's population, that's kind of f**ked up, right?

When I started writing about these feelings and talking about these "perils," — you know, the insane pressure to be hairless, poreless, wrinkle-free and a size 2, all while keeping our sh*t together? — I received an outpouring of responses from gals just like me and realized that we’ve all been there, done that.  

SO, I got to thinking. Maybe if we started opening up about not just our successes and the highlight reels of our Instagram profiles (though, we’ll absolutely cover those things) but also our vulnerabilities and insecurities and how to summon self-love on a down day, then we might realize we’re all in this together; that we don’t have to feel alone.

The goal of The Self-Love Sessions is to throw the spotlight on badass babes from around the world and bring women together in honest conversation and camaraderie.



Wondering how you can get involved? Amazing. I can't wait to have a beautiful conversation with you.

To be considered as a guest on The Self-Love Sessions, fill out the form here.

Or, if you know an incredible woman who’s totally perfect for this platform, you can nominate her using the form below.

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And last but absolutely, definitely not least: Check back Friday, August 4th to catch the very first Self-Love Session with an uber-special guest.