Hot Off The Press: An Interview on Fluky Pixels

I guess I'm cashing in on my 15 minutes of *mild* fame right now because I was lucky enough to be featured as Fluky Pixels' CREATIVE OF THE WEEK.  Needless to say, I'm flattered AF and excited to share my latest interview with all of you lovely peeps. Because, of course, everything I do is for you.

(And also to make my momma proud.)

Fluky Pixels is a smart and quirky lifestyle blog by Emely Roman, that focuses on female entrepreneurs (femmepreneuers, if you will), creativity, travel and the pursuit of happiness. 

Yep. I dig it.

In our Q&A, we chat about pet peeves, unicorns, and life as a digital nomad. You can read my CREATIVE OF THE WEEK Interview HERE, or know the drill... click the link below. (Because everybody loves pushing buttons.)