Mid-Month Micropleasures, Musings, and Meanderings: August 2017

It's that time of the month again. Your mid-monthly rabbit-hole has arrived. 

Without further ado...Everything I've been loving, living in, listening to and more. 


I don’t usually discuss clothing or fashion on littlefoolbook, but I have been living in these Ella overalls by Assembly Label, and never in my life have I gotten so many compliments on an outfit so comfortable. For real, the fit of these is amazing. I’ve dressed ‘em up and down. And, if you must know, I haven’t even been able to wash them yet because I can’t bear to part with them for that long.

I just picked up my new 18-month 2018 planner from BAN.DO and I must say, I’m feeling very organized. It’s the little things that make this planner my fave — the stickers included inside, the fun and bright quotes, and the special extra features like the pocket in the back.

I’ve been sipping on this pink drink all summer long. Rumor has it, watermelon juice is totally effective in reducing bloat — making it a perfect breakfast option for the morning after a summer soiree.

My BF has been preaching the power of cold water for, like, ever now and as much as I trust his research and believe him, I have a hard time slipping into a freezing cold shower in the wee hours of the morning. BUT, since I’ve spent most of August diving into a glacier-fed lake, I’ve gotta say — I feel good. Want my completely un-scientifically proven advice? Find the nearest body of fresh cold water and jump in, babe.



I'm about halfway through reading TOO FAT, TOO SLUTTY, TOO LOUD by Anne Helen Petersen and it is completely insightful (and even a little rage-inducing). I highly recommend it to all of you beautiful, unruly women.

I recently discovered The Almost 30 Podcast and I’ve been loving it (the title alone speaks to me). Krista and Lindsay have been keeping me major company on all of my road trips this summer. 30 hours in a car? No problem.

The latest edition of my ON SELF LOVE column was just published at Hillberg & Berk and it’s all about becoming your own master and manifesting your dream life. Give it a read, here.

The inaugural edition of THE SELF-LOVE SESSIONS went live on Friday, August 4th. You can read my interview with the inspiring creative entrepreneur, SCOUT, here.

Meanwhile, I’ve been cashing in on my own 15 minutes of internet fame. I was recently interviewed for the online journal, REVUE, and featured as Creative Of The Week on Fluky Pixels.



Myself and the ladies of Urban Alchemy, just launched a brand-spanking-new, totally *free* ebook over at Love Bomb Bootcamp. Go there now to download your copy of HOW TO FALL IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF.

Speaking of Love Bomb Bootcamp — a lot of people ask me about my journey into creative freelancing and how I got my start as a writer and creative entrepreneur. Often, I don’t have the right answers. My road to this life was not glamorous and was paved with failures. And while I’m still proud of those failures, you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. For those of you looking to make the leap into this crazy, wonderful, freeing life of freelancing, Ieva Lacaine of The Random Passion Project created this bomba$$ e-course to help you do just that :)

OH YAH, The #SummerOfSelfLove is still in full swing, and it’s only getting hotter from here. ICYMI, catch up below:


What have you been loving, living in, digging, reading, enjoying, listening to, or otherwise this month? Comment below and let me know. 



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