Hot Off The Press: An Interview On The Game Changers Series With Alyssa Coleman

There are few things I love more in this world than sitting down with rad, incredible ladies for honest, #realtalk conversations. I got to do just that with creative entrepreneur (& productivity guru), Alyssa Coleman, as part of her Game Changer Series. 

I get REAL in this interview about...

✔️ My philosophy on self-love and the complicated relationship we often have with ourselves
✔️ My message to entrepreneurs and every woman who feels like her real life and biz is not Instagram worthy
✔️ The truth about running your own business and balancing your mission with your hustle (hint it's not as glamorous as it seems)

And sooo much more goodness! So if you wanna know what it’s really like being a modern entrepreneur check out the interview here

Hot tip: If you're short on time, watch it on 2x speed — I sound wayyy smarter when I'm sped up ;)


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