4 Common Makeup Faux Pas (And How To Fix Them)

Makeup is a tricky business. I can spend hours watching and copying makeup tutorials, have a BFF who's an actual professional makeup artist, spend hours in Sephora, buy all of the “right” products and still end up feeling less than flawless. And if I’m being totally honest, sometimes I feel like the more time I have to get ready in front of a mirror, the worse the results (aka, I just pile on everything in my makeup drawer, cross my fingers, and hope for the best).

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YEP. It’s no secret that I’m no whiz when it comes to makeup. In fact, on the days I do wear it, I rely heavily on my impossible-to-mess-up, no-fail beauty regime that takes three minutes (or less). But just because I’ve learned to love my face au naturale, doesn’t mean I never want to wear makeup again, or that I don’t love to glitz it up from time to time. And it certainly doesn’t mean that I’m not fangirling over Rihanna’s newly released, totally inclusive Fenty Beauty line. (I totally am.) It’s just that, it all seems a lot more complicated lately. Like, what happened to the days of sparkly blue eyeliner and bust? (Or was that also a makeup faux pas of the pre-teen variety?) Now there’s palettes and face maps and tweezers that look like surgical tools and what’s a primer anyway?

Despite the fact that there are more products on the shelves of Sephora than I would know what to do with — plumpers, concealers, bronzers and mattifiers...oh my! — I still sweat through my makeup by the end of a girl’s night out, my eyeshadow game is weak, and I don’t know the first thing about achieving brows that are “on fleek.”

Sound familiar? Wondering where you’re going wrong? ME TOO. So, I did some digging — phoned a friend, consulted Google, you know...the works — to learn how to remedy my most common makeup faux pas and take my makeup from drab to fab.

Here are my findings...


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The Problem: Your Makeup Isn’t Lasting

The Solution: Apply a Primer

So, you probably already knew this BUT, there exists a super special kind of face lotion that you apply to your face pre-foundation and it's called a primer.

The makeup gurus claim that a primer is one of the vital products you need to create a flawless base and ensure your makeup lasts from morning ‘til night. A good primer minimizes pores (how, I'm not sure), controls shine and works like a dream to keep foundation from flaking and fading.

I recommend Tarte's Poreless Mattifying Primer because it makes your face feel smoother than a baby's bottom and it's also 100% vegan and formulated without parabens or pthalates. 



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The Problem: Your Eyeshadow Game is Weak

The Solution: Use an Eyeshadow Base

Who knew you needed to use a base product for your eyeshadow? I sure didn’t. If your eyeshadow fades, has poor pigmentation or your blending falls a little flat — it might be because you’re not using a base product.

The right base is essential for helping to keep your eyeshadow in place, but also to give your eyes a neutral color to stick to, in order to really make the pigment in your product pop.

Check out Marie Claire’s list of best eyeshadow bases and give them a try. If you have cream eyeshadows in your collection, try to use one of them underneath your powder for a much stronger look.


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The Problem: You're Having to Use More Product Than Ever Before

The Solution: You Need to Clean Your Brushes

Makeup brushes become less effective when they’re dirty. They need regular cleaning to stop you from getting blemishes caused by bacteria as well as make sure they continue to apply and blend products well.

Buying high-quality brushes like those from Sigma cosmetics is a good start to getting a better blend, and their cleaning products will help keep your brushes clean for perfect application every time.


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The Problem: Your Brows Aren’t on Fleek

The Solution: See a Professional

Brows are very much in the spotlight, but they can be very easy to get wrong. Which is why I don’t even dare try.

Currently, we’re obsessed with getting big, bold brows but if they’re not tailored to your face shape — they could look very artificial and distract from your beautiful features. The best way to get good brows is to see a professional, and after your initial appointment, all you need to do is maintain them.

Use brow creams and gels rather than harsh pencils to create a soft and full brow and when it comes to plucking, do little bits at a time and take a step back to avoid overdoing it.

My professional makeup artist BFF recommends a visit to Heartwood & Co. for waxing, shaping, microblading, or even a quick DIY brow tutorial (and their incredible brow brush to-go).

"Good" makeup takes practice and patience, and sometimes even the help of a professional. But beauty doesn't. While I'm all for dishing my un-conventional wisdom for makeup applications and flawless skin, lets all remember that true beauty starts from the inside out and has nothing to do with what you put on your face.  



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* this was a collaborative post