5 Secrets to Healthier Hair (Bye Bye Golem, Hello Gorgeous!)

Not everyone is born with naturally rich and flowing hair. Like, have you seen my locks? One day of skipping the shampoo and I could pass for Golem on Lord Of The Rings. My brothers, on the other hand, were both blessed with thick, run-your-fingers-through-it, beautiful hair and it’s a major point of contention in our relationship. Like, sorry, you got the good hair, I get shotgun FOREVER. 

However, I’ve learned through extensive experiments of trial and error (more or less error) a few various hair care methods that can actually make even the Golem-liest hair stronger and shinier long into old age (I am pushing 30, after all). Whether you’re blessed with hair like my bros or have a little more of what I’ve got going on, here are some little-known tips that could result in much more healthy locks.


1. Try letting your hair dry naturally

Most of us don’t have the time to let our hair dry naturally, especially those of us that shower in the morning before work. However, the heat from blow-drying isn’t good for our hair, making it drier and weaker over time. Similarly using a towel can be bad for our hair’s roots. There are ways to minimize the damage of these drying methods. Sites such as Marie Claire point out some of the biggest mistakes we make when blow-drying our hair and how we can fix these. Like, dabbing with a towel can be far healthier than rubbing. However, my favorite option is to simply wash hair the evening before and let it dry overnight. If you’re worried about it, a satin pillowcase may be able to prevent bed hair. But IMHO, bed hair is kind of awesome — it gives you natural volume and that haute-y, je ne sais quoi, I just woke up like this (literally) look. 


2. Toughen your hair with keratin

Keratin is a protein that strengthens our hair. Our body develops it by consuming protein rich foods such as eggs, meats, and beans. However, there are products that can act as supplements for our hair. Sites such as Beauty Ambition detail some of the shampoos available on the market. Use these products as you wash your hair and you may see a reduction in split ends as well as a more healthy sheen.

secrets to healthier hair


3. Comb your hair while it's still wet

I know, I know — you’ve heard this one before. And even though combing your hair straight outta the shower can be a total pain in the a$$ (like, I know you have better things to do with your time), combing your hair whilst dry can be damaging. And quite frankly, after losing half my hair to a bad bleach job (more about that in Littlefoolbook the book), I simply can’t afford any more hair damage. Knots can be more easily removed when wet, slipping naturally apart rather than having to be broken. 

Hot tip: Comb upwards from the tip to the root and you’ll minimize tugging, further protecting your roots.


4. Don’t overuse dyes and bleaches

If we’re honest with ourselves, as much as we love a little summer lightening in the form of highlights or balayage, bleaches are never good for your hair. (I WOULD KNOW.) Prolonged use of dyes and bleaches can make your hair weak and brittle and sometimes result in hair loss. (Again…I WOULD KNOW.) Dyes aren’t quite as bad for your hair, but using them too much can have its negative side effects. This is usually due to chemicals in the dye that can damage the hair at the root. Organic dyes as provided by companies such as Natulique could be a better option for those that regularly dye their hair. If you use permanent dyes every few months, you may not have to worry too much. Just be careful of leaving dye or bleach in your hair for too long – even if you’re at the salon. Hairdressers can make mistakes. (For the last time…I WOULD KNOW,)


5. Don’t wash your hair every day

While some people with greasy hair (like myself) may benefit from washing every day, most people may be far better off leaving their hair a couple days before each wash. Shampoo, while effective at getting rid of dirt and grease, also strips away important oils from our hair that keep it from going dry. Wash less often, and these oils will keep your hair from going brittle, whilst strengthening its natural sheen. 


*This was a collaborative post.