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The Subtle Art of Dating Yourself: A How-To Guide For Modern Women

I’ve been going steady with myself for going on 10 years now. You could say, it’s getting pretty serious. It all started when I was 18 and moved away from home for the very first time. In a city full of strangers and an impending case of cabin fever, I left my little basement suite to meet myself, exactly where I was at: lonely, lost, and looking for (self)love.

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That Big Scary Word That Starts With The Letter "D" + How to Own Your Darkness

Maybe it’s the Sunday Scaries, maybe it’s that time of the month, maybe it’s something deeper, something darker, like an innate dread or anxiety. Maybe it's that big scary word that starts with the letter "D" — I'm talking about "depression" (why are we all so scared of that word, anyways?). Maybe it’s a relentless case of the blues. Whatever you call it, it’s yours and it’s time to lean into it.

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8 Surprising Things That Happen When You Stop Wearing Makeup Every Day

When you stop wearing makeup, the first people to notice are usually your friends. Unless you have a significant other. But even then, if your significant other is male there’s a good chance he’ll be completely unfazed by the transition. AND SO HE SHOULD BE.

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