A Little Fool's Big List of Fall Essentials

Ahhhh fall. The perfect time for new beginnings. Sweater weather. The crisp crunch of fallen leaves beneath your feet. Summer may be over, but there’s no reason to mourn — or for your life to grind to a halt. In fact, exactly the opposite. The months leading up to the festive season are the perfect chance to plan a girls trip or romantic break; to head off somewhere and appreciate the change in leaves; to drink your fill of pumpkin spice lattes, and enjoy temperate walks in the crisp fall air; to update your wardrobe and revamp your style; to start a new project or go on a new adventure.

SO. In the spirit of embracing all the changes this new season brings, here’s a little fool’s big list of fall essentials — how many can you check off this season?

(Yes, that is a challenge.)

1. Admire The Fall Foliage, Otherwise Known as “Peeping”

I’ve always been an admirer of the changing color of leaves, but after spending a few autumn seasons in New England, my peeping has progressed to a whole new level. And yes, "peeping" is a real and frequently-used term on the East Coast for the pastime that is actually just admiring the fall foliage.  


2. Transition Your Wardrobe

Fall fashion is my favorite. I love layers and boots and wrapping myself in massive blanket scarves like the basic betch that I am. This season is the perfect time to transition your wardrobe from short-shorts to your favorite sweater. Take it one step further, and in the process of cleaning out your closet, KonMari that space!


3. Go Apple-Picking

Another popular fall pastime I discovered on the East Coast. Grab your girl-gang and hit up a local apple orchard for an afternoon of apple picking. Take home your harvest and mix up some bada$$ Spiced Apple Waffles.


4. Update Your Look With a Fall Refresh

After three months of beach hair, come fall, I love to treat myself to a new ‘do. Sometimes I keep it simple with a micro trim and color refresh. But other times, depending on my mood and how adventurous I’m feeling, I might try something a little more drastic. Check out sites like http://www.cosmopolitan.com/hairtrends2017/ to get some inspiration on the latest fall hair trends, and start experimenting, babe!


5. Fall For Yourself

Forget cuffing season, prioritize number one (that’s you!) this fall, with a 30-day self-love bootcamp designed to kickstart your self-love journey.


6. Make Your Own PSL

It’s no secret — The PSL is back, but I prefer to make my own at home. Here's my boyfriend-who-doesn't-even-like-coffee-appoved healthy Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe


7. Get Lost in a Corn Maze

Chances are, there’s a corn maze near you. This makes for a great fall date activity because if things go south, you can always “get lost.”


8. Invest in Yourself

Things naturally slow down in the fall, making it the perfect time to invest in yourself. Book yourself a mani/pedi at your favorite spa. Sign up for a course to learn something new. Perhaps you’ve always felt self-conscious about your smile — check out sites like https://familybraces.ca/locations/. Maybe you’ve always wanted to take your yoga-teacher training — take the first step. Remember: You deserve what you desire.


9. Book a Fall Getaway

Fall is the perfect time to book a cozy getaway. Think lazy mornings with coffee in bed, warming up by the fireplace at night, hot apple cider, afternoon strolls through unfamiliar streets. Convinced yet? Grab your fave travel buddy and go, girl!


10. Hit up a Fall Farmer’s Market

The perfect place to grab ingredients for a hearty heart-warming fall soup. And also pumpkins. Speaking of which…


11. Carve a Pumpkin

So obvious. But so good. If you’re not great with a knife, you might also consider this DIY pumpkin craft to create chic pumpkins with an ever-necessary touch of sparkle.  


12. Watch a Scary Movie

Full disclosure: I’ll personally be bowing out of this fall activity, as I simply don’t have the guts to make it through a scary movie, but I hear there’s actually people out there who do love a good horror flick — all the power to ya!


13. Hit Up a Haunted House

Another fall activity I’ll personally be abstaining from...unless drunk and with many (many) friends (for security purposes).


14. Host a Friendsgiving

Thanksgiving is a busy time of year, usually reserved for family. But there’s something special about hosting a Friendsgiving prior to the actual main event. Make it a potluck the weekend before Thanksgiving proper and bring all your favorite people together for a night of eating, drinking, catching up, and games.


15. Have a Fall Photoshoot With Your BFF

Okay, I know...totally cheesy, right? But admit it, there’s something so picturesque about nature’s autumnal backdrop, so go grab your BFF, toss some leaves in the air and ‘gram that sh*t. (And don’t forget to tag me @littlefoolbook, so I can double-tap that!)


16. Lose Yourself In A Good Book

To me, there’s nothing cozier than curling up in the evening with a cup of tea and a good book. While I sort of *forget* to read in the summer, in the fall I always look forward to diving back into my reading list. Need some suggestions? Here are 30 books by women to read, RN.


17. Sleep In

I don’t know about you, but I always feel guilty when I sleep in during the summer months. Like, as soon as the sun is shining, I need to be up and preferably outside. Fall, however, is my favorite time to catch up on ZzZz’s. One of my many micropleasures is sleeping in on a grey fall day, windows open, with a slight breeze.


18. Make Your Own Mulled Wine

As if you needed another excuse to indulge...but c’mon, there’s something fun about making your own mulled wine, and it’s even more fun drinking it.


19. Learn a New Skill

Remember that thing I said about fall eternally feeling like “Back to School” month? If you’re not actually in school, now is a great time to learn a new skill. Why not check out what local courses are offered in your area!


20. Start Your Christmas Shopping Early

This is something I say I’ll do every year. And then, never fail, on the 23rd of December, there I am still scurrying to pick up last minute gifts. Not this year, though. This year, I’m really going to outdo myself.


Your Turn. You tell me — What’s this list missing? How are you planning on spending your fall?


*This was a collaborative post.