My Birthday Wishlist, AKA, All The Things I Want to Buy For Myself But Can’t Justify Because I’m an Adult Now...

Getting older is hard work.

Like, suddenly on the wrong side of 25, I realized that I had a closet full of clothes that I simply couldn’t (read: shouldn’t) wear anymore (think: sequin mini-skirts and dresses with a few too many cut-outs). And upon looking in the mirror, I noticed that little lines (read: wrinkles) were starting their migration across my once taut forehead. And also I can’t remember the last time I got ID’d.

It’s been 10 years since I graduated from high school. I’ve been driving for over a decade. And I have actual responsibilities now, like paying for my own gas and doing my taxes and stuff.

I don’t relish the idea of turning 28 in 2 weeks (May 2nd, in case you were wondering) — of descending one year deeper into the vortex of adulthood and further from the carefree days of my youth. But, at least where birthdays are concerned, there’s one thing to look forward to: the cake.

Okay, two things: the cake and the presents.

So. JIC my family, friends, or BF are reading this...

Or, JIC you’re looking for the perfect gift for that late-20-something lady in your life...

Or, JIC you just feel like treating yourself to something special…

My Birthday Wishlist, AKA, All The Things I Want to Buy For Myself But Can’t Justify Because I’m an Adult Now...

The Breast Tee by All Twerk & No Pray.

Actually. Basically, any tee from All Twerk & No Pray, because I can always get down with a little feminism and girl power.

Farsali Unicorn Essence, aka oil free antioxidant serum + primer. It had me at Unicorn.

LOVE WARRIOR by Glennon Doyle Melton. (I’ve wanted to read this book for ever now, so even if nobody buys it for me, I’ll probably buy it for myself, anyway.)

WHITE HOT TRUTH by Danielle LaPorte. Because even though I already have the advance e-book copy, I’ve seen the hardcover and it’s stunning. I want it for my coffee table, STAT.

The Black Stone Diffuser from Vitruvi and all the oils to go with it.

The Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret because I’m literally the worst at doing my hair, and way too lazy to figure out how to make my pin-straight hair look voluminous and beachy like I’ve always wanted it to look, and even though I don’t fully understand how this contraption works, I feel like I need it.

The “Carrie” 14K Gold Razor by Oui Shave, because who doesn’t want a 14K gold razor? And also because I have sensitive skin, and this little number is supposed to work wonders in preventing ingrown hairs.

And obviously, last but not least, the Fenty Puma Bow Slides by Rihanna because how practical, am-I-right?

+ A List Of Things I Want That Can’t Be Bought Online

  • More wisdom
  • Graceful aging (or maybe like a non-invasive botox that doesn’t include needles)
  • Another year of good health
  • More LOL’s with fam and friends
  • More of that sweet, sweet lovin’ from BF
  • More playdates with my nieces and nephew
  • More confidence to wear the things I want to wear even when my thighs don't gap
  • More experiences, lessons, and learnings to fuel my creative life (and inspire another book)
  • A yellow brick road upon which to follow in order to get Littlefoolbook (the book) into your hands, ASAP.