The Subtle Art of Dating Yourself: 14 Fun, Sexy, and Spirited Solo Date Ideas

In the history of bad first dates, my first date with myself had not gone well. To be fair, I had sort of stumbled into the whole self-dating scene out of boredom, desperation, and an innate desire to get to know myself. And while it all turned out alright in the end — as in, despite my bad first date, I went on another, and another, and a hundred more after that — a little extra planning and preparation might have gone a long way. 

Basically, what I'm saying is that to avoid spending three hours of your solo date time in a strip mall pizza joint dodging side-eyed glances from people you're pretty certain are judging you for eating an entire pizza yourself, you could, you know...plan a little. 

The art of dating yourself is exactly as this title suggests — in the subtleties; in confidently putting yourself out there; in stepping outside of your comfort zone; in showing up for yourself; in loving yourself enough to spend time chasing self-discovery. 

So, with that said...

Here are 14 fun, sexy, and spirited solo date ideas, brought to you by LOVE BOMB BOOTCAMP.


  1. That new restaurant you can never get a reso for? Go as a party of 1. They won’t be able to resist you. Sit at the bar (the perfect place for people watching), order a glass of something special to go with your meal, and savor every moment like it's your last bite.
  2. Go see a live show. Think Wicked, or a comedy at your local comedy club, or a night of improv. You can typically get discounted single tickets on the night of, and who doesn’t love a little culture on a Friday night?
  3. Grab a book and head to your local, late-night, coffee shop. Grab the comfy seat, order your fave bevvy and read to your heart’s content.
  4. Go to an open-mic night. Chances are, there's one near you. Find it. Enjoy an evening of live music, poetry, and the like. Feeling brave? Get up there, girl.
  5. Go to a book reading. Most people don’t realize just how many bookish events are taking place in their own city. Google it! They’re usually happening at libraries, community centers, arts centers, and sometimes even bars.
  6. See a chick-flick. Or an action movie. Or whatever you’re into. Pre-make your own yummy snacks and sneak them in your purse, you little rebel.
  7. Cook for yourself. Find an incredible recipe. Hit up the grocery store to gather your ingredients. Back home, turn up the music, and get cooking, babe. A meal made with love tastes that much better.
  8. Go to an art show. Check out your local galleries for events listings.
  9. Feel like splurging? (You deserve it.) Enjoy a staycation at a local lux hotel. Take advantage of the amenities — spa, sauna, pool — and definitely order room service.
  10. Get crafty. Find a fun DIY project on Pinterest and go crazy! Let your inner creative loose.
  11. Go for a long drive. Pre-make an awesome playlist, and go wherever the road takes you — maybe to a part of your town you’ve never explored before, or maybe a few towns over.
  12. Get out of your comfort zone and sign up for a Meetup in your area that gets you excited. It’s an awesome way to try something new and meet new people.
  13. Go for a long walk. Relax. Listen to a podcast. Get out of your head. Enjoy the journey.
  14. Go to a paint night. Zen out while your inner artiste takes over.

Whatever you do, the point is to enjoy yourself. Solo time is sacred time, and you should spend it doing things that light you up, challenge you, inspire you, or bring you peace and contentment.

Have you gone on a great solo date lately? Comment below with all the juicy deets! <3