16 Ways To Feel Better, Immediately...That Do Not Involve Wine

Because I got all dark on you last week, I thought it might be wise to lighten the mood a little.

And also, remind you, that just because it's not #BellLetsTalk day, doesn't mean that we should just stop talking about this stuff (and if you're not sure what I'm talking about, well I'm talking about this stuff).

So, in the midst of all this mental heavy-lifting, allow me to offer you some immediate relief for all those deep, dark feels you might be feeling.

16 Ways To Feel Better, Immediately...That Do Not Involve Wine*:

*That wine part felt necessary because like, come on...it's wine. It always makes you feel good. But only for a little while. And that's not really the goal here. We're aiming for immediate relief in the form of proactive self-care that won't wear off with your wine buzz.

  1. Get up. Above everything, you must get out of bed. Even if it’s just to put on your sweats and lounge in a different room of your house. 
  2. Get grateful. Name one good thing, one good thought, or one good reason to chase out your darkness for a brighter day. Keep this list going.
  3. Take a hot shower or bath. The process of cleansing, physically, can also be extremely cleansing, mentally.
  4. Take a cold shower or bath. Because as horrific as it sounds, they work. Google: “the power of cold water."
  5. Go outside. Go for a walk, sit in a park, grab a buddy and take a hike. Being in nature is seriously good for the soul.
  6. Write about it. Writing about your feelings can be extremely cathartic. Putting pen to paper allows you to unleash everything that is going on in your head and heart and simply get. it. out. You might be surprised to feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders once you’re finished.
  7. Practice yoga. Post-yoga bliss is a real thing. Even if you’re not a yogi. Even if you’re practicing on the floor of your bedroom in your underwear.
  8. Cross one thing off your to-do list. We get it. Darkness can be debilitating, making it seemingly impossible to accomplish anything, no matter how big or small the task is. Except you can. Pick one thing off your to-do list and just get it done. Maybe you’ll feel completely drained after, but at least you can feel proud of what you’ve accomplished despite your dark cloud. (PS. Laundry, dishes, hanging with your pup, and getting out of bed all count.)
  9. Exercise. It’s no secret that exercise releases endorphins, and to quote Elle Woods, "endorphins make you happy."* If the sheer thought of going to a gym totally bums you out, you can still get your endorphin high by going for a run or walk, bike ride, or doing an at home ab workout.

    *It's a little alarming how often I'm able to quote Elle Woods. I'm not sure if I'm proud or embarrassed.
  10. Inhale essential oils. Think of this as the more appropriate, less destructive alternative to inhalants. Essential oils like lavender (to relax), chamomile (to comfort), rose (to reduce anxiety), and vetiver (to ground), are our BFFS when we just can’t deal. Place 2-3 drops in your palms, rub together and inhale deeply. Exhale a sigh of relief.
  11. SpoonkBecause lying down on a bed of spikes is surprisingly blissful.
  12. Self-affirm. Adopt a confidence mantra. Repeat it 20 million times when you start feeling “cloudy”. Try: “I can do hard things”. (Because spoiler alert... YOU CAN.)
  13. Breathe. 10 slow, deep, conscious breaths in and out through the nose.
  14. Laugh. It’s the happiest way to get through life. (I suggest watching GIRLS, Amy Poehler stand up, or reading anything Jenny Lawson has ever written.)
  15. Phone a friend. Just to chat. When your dark cloud is hovering, it often feels like you’re all alone. But chances are, the second you reach out to someone — your mom, bff, sister, bf, anyone — you’ll realize you were never actually alone. It’s all in your head (seriously). There is an abundance of people surrounding you that care deeply for you and your well-being.
  16. Deal with your “crisis”. Ever wonder what days, months, years, a lifetime of built-up stress and anxiety can lead to?
    A) Burnout. AKA when you run yourself into the ground and your physical being evaporates into fumes.
    And, B) Disease. AKA, DIS-ease. For real. Stress causes 90% of all disease.

Almost there? GOOD. We call that the breaking point. That means you are ready for change, NOW.

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