Have You Loved YOU, Lately?

Imagine what it would feel like to fall head over heels, butterflies in your stomach, madly in love with yourself. Imagine never again having to question your own self-worth. Imagine feeling irresistible, confident, and dare we say, happy. This, my love, is not only achievable…it’s your birthright.

That's why, I've teamed up with my favourite alchemists, and sister-duo — Jess & Erika Sweeney — from Urban Alchemy, to bring you...

 Love Bomb Bootcamp:30 Days of Radical Transformation & Unconditional Self-Love

In a world where the beauty industry relies on your insecurities, where real life is photoshopped and filtered, and we’re constantly being criticized, scrutinized and manipulated into thinking we’re not enough — self-love isn’t only an important aspect of self-care, it’s an act of rebellion.


Let’s be rebels. Join thousands of women from around the world for 30 days of radical transformation and unconditional self-love. Because YOU deserve it.


Every morning for 30 days, you’ll receive a #LoveBomb in your email inbox.


  • An insightful message leading you towards a life of self-love.
  • An easy-to-do task (like writing a gratitude list, indulging in 24-hours of positive self-talk, or creating a vision board) to push you out of your comfort zone and guide you towards falling wildly in love with the real you — the you that is dying to shine.
  • Inspiring content to share with your entire girl-gang (along with a personal invitation to join ours).
  • Plus exclusive bonus material you won’t find anywhere else (think: recipes, mantras, DIY’s, and more).

Sound amazing? It is.

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