Mid-Month Micropleasures, Musings, and Meanderings: September 2017

You guys, full disclosure this month has been HARD.

Hard like realizing despite the fact that you’re almost 30, you still can’t afford to live where you want to live, eat what you want to eat, or shop online.

Hard like realizing you and your BF of four years might be on different pages when it comes to the future.

Hard like realizing you’ve spent the last 2 years writing a book and the process of getting it published feels more difficult than the actual writing of it.

YEP. Adulting is straight-up hard. So this month’s edition of Micropleasures, Musings, and Meanderings are inspired by the current state of my affairs, radical honesty, and loving myself hard-core through it all.

If you’re feeling me at all, well then, there just might be something in here for you, too.



I am absolutely LOVING The Girl’s Night In Club and look forward to seeing their email in my inbox every Friday morning. This week’s Newsletter was all about self-care (plus a little bit of pumpkin spice), and also included these simple self-care meditations on Spotify.

Katie Dalebout’s recent conversation with Isabel Foxen Duke on the LET IT OUT Podcast is an absolute must-listen, (especially if you’re anything like me, and have a complicated relationship with food.)

All the aforementioned stress has been messing with my sleep, lately. Luckily, I have a BFF who moonlights as a guardian angel. She brought me this Sleep Well remedy and while my stress is still present, I’ve been sleeping much better.

I was at a garlic festival recently (yes, they do exist — and it was ah-mazing), and picked up some fresh organic lavender. While I have always loved the smell of lavender, I had no idea it had so many wellness benefits and uses.

As a way to unwind lately, and give my brain a rest from all the mental and emotional heavy-lifting, I’ve been pouring myself a glass of red wine and watching GYPSY on Netflix. It’s a slow psychological thriller, perfect for disconnecting from the real world for a little while.



I loved this hilarious short on How to Not Give a Fuck for 24 Hours.

Speaking of not giving a f*ck...My mom — who definitely gives a f*ck about all things — just finished reading Mark Manson’s, THE SUBTLE ART OF NOT GIVING A F*CK and I have to say...she’s definitely given a lot less f*cks lately (but in a good way). She dog-eared a bunch of pages for me, so it’s next up on my reading list.

And while we’re on the subject, I’ll also be adding every book from this self-care round-up to my reading list, immediately.  

This advice for the anxious is paramount for coping with the pressures and perils of adulthood.

I chatted self-love, self-care, and battling insecurities with Alyssa Coleman in the most recent edition of The Self-Love Sessions. And let’s just say, her answers were major inspiring. If you haven’t already, read it here.

And, for those times when life gets tough and you need your self-care to be simple — like really simple — I wrote this article.

If you’re feeling anything like me lately — aka burnt out, run-down, or emotionally drained — this article might help you identify and combat your stress triggers.



I’ve been thinking a lot about age and my future lately. I still feel like I’m 18 in a lot of ways (like, my fashion sensibilities — can I still wear crop tops? —, and stout conviction about never working in a formal office setting). But in other regards, I’m feeling very 28 (like, I want my own space, and my ovaries are starting to speak to me). Digging through the Man Repeller archives, I found this round-up of How To Be a Grown-Ass Woman...aka my new bible.

I don’t know if you heard, but...the ladies of Urban Alchemy and I just launched a brand-spanking-new, totally *free* ebook over at Love Bomb Bootcamp. Go there now to download your copy of HOW TO FALL IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF.

Since Summer ‘17 is officially coming to an end, unfortunately, so is The Summer of Self-Love Series. But DON’T FRET MY PET, I’m planning a big post-summer round-up of everything we covered over the last few months, as well as an EXCITING GIVEAWAY (hint hint, wink wink).

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TELL ME. What have you been loving, living in, digging, reading, enjoying, listening to, or otherwise this month? Comment below and let me know.