The One Beauty Rule You Need To Break, Right Now

Anyone else tired of being told what’s “beautiful”?

Day in and day out, we’re constantly fed the latest trends in beauty — red lips so hot RN! Contouring is OUT! Are your brows “on fleek”? — as if keeping up with them is one of our sole responsibilities as women. As if the worst thing we could do in this world is over-contour our cheekbones, or under-wash our hair. As if we’re not capable of creating our own definition of beauty.

It’s hard enough for me to remember to shave my legs regularly, let alone figure out what to do with my eyebrows or follow some facial map contouring guide that reads more like a mathematical equation than something you do to your face. Just thinking about all of the so-called “beauty rules” is exhausting.

I’ve only written two short paragraphs on it and I think I need a nap now.

Okay. I’m back.

And after sleeping on it, I’ve decided that the one beauty rule you need to break, RN, is simply believing that there are any rules at all.

What you do with your face (or your body, for that matter) is nobody’s business but your own. Whether you wear none of the makeup, or all of the makeup, or just a wee little bit of the makeup is irrelevant in the big beauty picture.

Whether you’re the Picasso of contouring, or you highlight like hell, you are beautiful.

Whether you rock a red lip on the regular, or have chronically chapped lips, you are beautiful.

Whether your eyeshadow palette is from Sephora or second-hand from your sister, you are beautiful.

Because here’s the thing about beauty: it exists in every single one of us. There’s nothing you need to do in order to attain it, or possess it, or be it. “Beautiful” is not something you achieve by following a set of rules or recommendations dictated by an industry that relies on reinforcing your insecurities for profit.

You are beautiful simply because you are. And the sooner you come to terms with your own unique brand of beauty, the better.

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