The Summer Of Self-Love May Be Over, But Here are 12 Ways to Practice Self-Love all Year Round

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but today — September 22nd — marks the official end of Summer ‘17, AKA, The Summer of Self-Love.

From writing love-lists to shopping for the perfect bikini for your hottie body, and reciting mantras, we’ve had some fun.

But here’s the thing: Self-love isn’t just a warm weather exclusive. It requires your practice, patience, and attention all year long.

The good news? Everything we covered over the summer can be directly applied to life after bikini season.

SO. Let’s recap, shall we? Here are the perfectly glowy highlights of Summer ‘17 and 12 ways to practice self-love all year round.

First things, first. We kicked off The Summer of Self-Love with the aptly titled, Self-Love 101. The major takeaway there? "In order to feel the results, you must do the work."

Speaking of the work...Self-care — the not always easy practice of taking care of oneself — is absolutely, fundamentally, without a doubt integral to this whole self-love thing. Here are 24 self-care rituals to infuse your life with love and good vibes.

While reactive self-care is great, proactive self-care is better. My girl’s from Urban Alchemy spilled their secret to proactive self-care (and what it actually looks like).

Part 3-step guide, part memoir, I shared my shopping tips for finding the perfect bathing suit for your hottie body. (*Psst...bookmark this one if you’re going on a hot holiday anytime soon.)

Back at it again, the babes from Urban Alchemy dished on body insecurities, inner appraisers, forgotten confidence mantras, and bikinis, in their #guestpost What NOT To Do At The Beach.

And then I dished on the miracle of mantras, and how re-writing the dialogue in your head can you help you nab that promotion, get over him, and breed confidence in your daily life.

By the end of July, my summer anxiety had hit an all-time high, which inspired me to write this piece on the pressure of the perfect summer.

The whole Summertime Sadness thing prompted me to shift my focus back to self-care. More specifically, self-care for the super busy, because, let’s face it, playing hooky from the real world when life gets hard is a luxury many can’t afford.

Naturally, I learned all of the above the hard way, when life got hard for me. I’ve been suffering from major chaos of the heart, mind, and soul lately, which got me wondering why it is that our self-care practice is often the first thing we ditch when things get tough?

What I also continue to learn, every single day of my self-love journey, is that I’ve wasted way too much of my precious time worrying about whether or not I measure up to the next girl (or worse, the photoshopped celeb on the cover of a magazine), and way too little time actually reveling in everything that makes me a beautiful human. SO. In order to remedy the situation, I compiled this actionable list of 5 things to do instead of comparing yourself to others.

And last but not least...



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