Winter is Coming: 7 Cold Weather Beauty Secrets To Keep Your Skin Protected

Okay, so yeah, I’ve got a thing for Jon Snow, but that doesn’t mean the sentiment of this title doesn’t still ring true. Winter is coming.

You’ve probably noticed it yourself. Sweater weather. The ever-so-slight chill in the air after the sun sets. Pumpkin spice and morning dew and that itchy scratchy feeling you get when you don’t moisturize immediately upon exiting the shower.

While I stand by these all-season beauty tips for flawless skin, when the weather turns cold, I’ve learned (as usual — the hard way) that it’s important to take extra precautions when it comes to my skin and beauty regime. Like, I can’t just pop a bunch of D3 tablets and call it a day, hoping that even though the leaves are definitely changing colors outside, the sun is shining on my insides. No. Vitamins don’t work like that.

SO. To avoid looking like a White Walker when the cold weather hits, allow me to suggest these 7 proactive tried-and-true cold weather beauty secrets to keep your skin protected.

Because who says icy weather should temper your fiery spirit?


1. Hydrate, duh.

This is so fundamental that it takes the top spot on this list. If you thought hydration was simply a summer thing, you were wrong. Turns out, we need to drink water all year long. Not just for beauty purposes, but for, you know, survival.

But for real. Hydration is just as important in the colder seasons, as it is in the summer. Proper hydration helps you keep warm when the temps cool, maintain your weight and offer an ever-useful boost to your immune system. If you don’t hydrate well during winter, as with any intense seasonal weather, you may find yourself feeling a little lackluster.


2. The

You know that feeling when your lips are like, really chapped, and you find yourself reminiscing about all those times your lips weren’t chapped and how you took your perfectly smooth unchapped lips for granted? Yeah? Those times almost always coincide with colder weather.

Protect your lips by using a specialized lip balm like this plant-based Nutrition and Comfort Lip Oil. It’s the!


3. Fill up on “Beauty Foods”

While everybody has different nutritional and dietary needs, incorporating the following “beauty foods” into your diet can only do wonders for your health, skin, and hair:

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Walnuts
  • Spinach
  • Lentils
  • Chia Seeds
  • Almonds
  • Flax Seeds
  • Avocados
  • Berries
  • Seaweed


4. Make The Switch From Lotions to Oils and Serums

Much in the spirit of applying a lip balm, taking care of chapped skin in the chilly seasons is of paramount importance. It’s all too easy to have your skin dry out in the cold weather, and this can leave you with bags under your eyes, chalky elbows, lizard legs and cracks in your usually porcelain foundation.

While your generic household moisturizer may do just fine, I prefer switching from lotions to oils and serums when the leaves start to fall.

I love using this Damascus Rose Oil on my face. But for when my skin is extra thirsty, this Wild Rose Beauty Balm is my never-fail secret weapon.

For my body, I love applying this Antioxidant Body Oil, straight outta the shower.


5. Get a Humidifier For Your Bedroom

When temperatures start to drop, our obvious inclination is to reach for the thermostat and crank up the heat. However, sleeping in a toasty room only dries out your skin more. If you can hack it, it’s better (for your sleep and your skin) to tuck into a cool dark bedroom.

However, if the chill is simply too much, you can combat dryness by investing in a humidifier.


6. Remember, You Still Need Sunscreen

I used to think that as soon as September hit, I was home-free in terms of my daily sunscreen application. It wasn’t until just a few years ago (after hitting that quarter-century milestone, and noticing my first forehead wrinkle) that I started to take my skincare more seriously.

After a quick chat with my doc — who relentlessly lectures me on my tan lines — I realized I had been way too lax about protecting my face for way too long. The fact is, “UVB rays are weaker in the winter, so you don’t get sunburned as easily, but the UVA rays that cause wrinkles, premature aging and damage are just as strong, year ‘round!”

I love this lightweight Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 47.


7. Slather on a DIY Hair Masque

When I think of colder weather, I think of that country song, my old AF Frye Harness Boots that I just can’t quit, half-sweet-almond-milk-PSL’s and my dry static-y mane that needs constant taming. Seriously. Half the season, my hair looks like I’ve been sticking my fingers in electrical sockets.

To remedy this unfortunate look, I try to keep my locks moisturized with a bi-weekly DIY moisturizing hair masque. Depending on the state of my strands, I sometimes bump up the frequency ;)


Summer may be over, but there’s plenty to look forward to in the coming months. Think: Apple picking, pumpkin carving, kisses under the mistletoe (am I getting ahead of myself?) and more. By implementing these seven cold weather beauty secrets into your daily and weekly regimes, you can spend your time enjoying the things you love instead of fretting about the state of your skin. You're welcome.

* Feature image via Verge Girl
*This was a collaborative post